Sea of Thieves received a major update today (22nd June), with Season 3 kicking off in Rare's hugely popular seafaring game and Jack Sparrow washing ashore in the A Pirate's Life DLC.


This Pirates of the Caribbean content is essentially a fully-fledged new story mode - it was revealed recently at E3 2021, and fans didn't have to wait long for it. Plus, as an added bonus, there's a whole new season of treasures just waiting to be discovered even if Jack Sparrow isn't your cup of tea - or should that be a bottle of rum?

The developers from Rare have shared some detailed patch notes for today's Sea of Thieves update, which we're going to round up for you below - keep on reading, me hearties!

What's new in the Sea of Thieves update on 22nd June 2021?

As Rare wrote in a lengthy web post today, "Welcome to Sea of Thieves Season Three! One of our most ambitious updates yet, it unleashes a vast range of new features headlined by the five Tall Tales that make up Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, our jaw-dropping crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean."

As well as the five Jack Sparrow missions, today's update will also add new three enemies (Phantoms, Ocean Crawlers and Sirens), a fresh set of seasonal progression challenges, a handy new weapon called The Trident of the Dark Tides, and a new Plunder Pass that you can choose to purchase if you so wish (it boasts 11 "never-before-seen rewards").

There are 100 levels of Renown and Rewards to earn, thanks to this update, as well as fresh events and new emergent threats. The Pirate Emporium has also been restocked with lots of tempting items.

The front end menus have been revamped, too, and the game's accessibility options have been upgraded. Plus, various bugs and glitches have been fixed, so this truly is a great day for returning fans.

Sea of Thieves Season 3 patch notes plus Jack Sparrow DLC

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of today's Sea of Thieves update, the best place to look is Rare's official website, which has a handy 'release notes' page where you can click to expand any of the areas that pique your interest.

The Sea of Thieves update today is a fairly hefty one in terms of size, with Rare confirming the following files sizes for Xbox and PC:

  • Xbox Series X: 16.49 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 7.4 GB
  • Xbox One X: 16.49 GB
  • Xbox One: 7.4 GB
  • Windows 10: 18.2 GB
  • Steam: 15.97 GB

If you're still struggling to wrap your head around the update, take a look at the Sea of Thieves Season 3 trailer below that sums it all up in under four minutes!

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