There are many difficult moments in the Resident Evil 4 remake and multiple creepy bosses to defeat, but one that’s causing some trouble is Verdugo. This creepy creature is worth killing as doing so will unlock a trophy/achievement and the Gold Monocle.


Verdugo is found in the subterranean Underground Laboratory area of the game – and it will follow you and attack you with its whiplash tail and claws. You will need to avoid its attacks and hit some switches to freeze it before shooting to deal maximum damage and conserve ammo.

You can avoid fighting Verdugo by hopping in the lift once you get the power running, but doing this will not unlock the trophy/achievement. Defeating Verdugo is the only way to earn the Wave Goodbye, Right Hand trophy.

Read on to find out how to defeat Verdugo in Resident Evil 4 remake. You’ll find the technique in written and video form below.

How to beat Verdugo in Resident Evil 4 remake

To beat Verdugo in the Resident Evil 4 remake, you’re best off copying the technique in the video from YouTuber LunarGaming Guides above. As you can see, it will require some skill, deft dodging and timing of pressing buttons found in the area.

You will need to let Verdugo follow you and freeze it. This means it has to come out from the holes in the ceiling or walls (press Circle or B to dodge its attacks) before you can open fire. It will take a lot of killing and use up a lot of ammunition. Luckily, once you get the power on, you can hit switches on the walls to let out liquid nitrogen.

Activating the liquid nitrogen is the easiest way to defeat Verdugo. Once it begins following you, lure it towards the consoles with a green light on the wall. Press the button as it gets near and it should freeze underneath the spray of liquid nitrogen.

Once Verdugo is frozen, shoot at it with your most powerful weapons. It still attacks in this frozen state, mind, so put a little distance between yourself and the enemy before opening fire. This will help you to reach the next nozzle of nitrogen quicker too.

You need to keep repeating this method to defeat Verdugo in the best and easiest way. You can shoot at it when it’s not frozen (using the rocket launcher is best), and it should still take damage but, trust us, freezing it is the best way to go.

As stated above, you can avoid most of this boss battle by hopping in the lift once you’ve activated it, but doing so will void the trophy/achievement. You need to kill Verdugo to unlock the trophy.

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