Look, we’ve all gone to school and don’t particularly want to have to sit tests again, so to save you the trauma, we’ve got the Persona 3 Reload classroom answers explained with all the correct choices - so you don’t have to flunk in a video game, too.


If you somehow remember the questions from the original Persona 3, you’re out of luck, as there are new questions with different answers.

If you don’t like the idea of paying extra to relive school, you’ll be glad to know that Persona 3 Reload is included with Xbox Game Pass.

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But that’s quite enough from us! We wouldn’t want you to be late for school (or slaying monsters during the Dark Hour), so let’s get to it lest you get detention.

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Persona 3 classroom answers explained — All correct choices

A question and series of answers in Persona 3 Reload
Persona 3 Reload. Atlus, Sega

Below are all the correct answers for every question, test and exam in Persona 3 Reload in chronological order. Just don’t make it obvious you’re copying our homework!


  • 8th April – “Among these phrases, ‘a rain of flowers’, ‘mystical mirage’, and ‘vivid carp streamers’, which one symbolises summer?"
    • Answer – No. 3 “Vivid carp streamers”
  • 18th April – “The places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period – what are they called nowadays?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “Middens”
  • 27th April – “Which of the following is not an algebraic spiral?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “A”


  • 6th May – “What do you call the device that helps generate electric power for the train?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “A pantograph”
  • 13th May – “Which tool did he (Léon Foucault) use in his experiments?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “The pendulum”
  • 15th May – “What’s the other name for ‘May sickness’ – the more casual one?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “May Blues”

First-semester midterm exams

  • 19th May – “What is the other common expression used to describe ‘May sickness’?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “May Blues”
  • 20th May – “Which of the following did Léon Foucault use in his experiment on the rotation of the Earth?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “A pendulum”
  • 21st May – “Which of the following is generated by a pantograph?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “Electricity”
  • 22nd May – “During which historical period were middens most commonly used?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “Jomon”


  • 15th June – “Which phrase means, ‘able to see things as they really are’?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “Keen eye”
  • 17th June – “What early religious practice was the origin of magic?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “Shamanism”
  • 22nd June – “What do people call this curve?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “Witch of Agnesi”
  • 25th June – “What’s it called when the air bubbles in a whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “The flutter effect”
  • 29th June – “What form of natural magic is used to find water sources?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “Dowsing”


  • 3rd July – “...What kinda tale is he talkin’ about?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “About romance”
  • 8th July – “Where is the comma splice found in the following sentence?”
    • Answer – “Between ‘time’ and ‘it’s’”
  • 9th July – “At the same time, a serious problem arose for the farmers. Do you remember what that was?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “Social disparity”
  • 10th July – “What is the esoteric study of Jewish texts?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “Kabbalah”
  • 11th July – “Now, what do you think that item was? It’s something every samurai needs!”
    • Answer – No. 1 “The katana”

First-semester final exams

  • 14th July – “Which form of magic is used to find water sources?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “Dowsing”
  • 15th July – “How did the Witch of Agnesi gain the first half of its name?”
    • Answer – No. 3 “An error in translation”
  • 16th July – “Who designed the prototype for the katana?”
    • Answer – No. 1 “Taira no Masakado”
  • 17th July – “There’s an error in this sentence, what kind is it?”
    • Answer – No. 2 “Comma splice”

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