We’re barely into 2024 and there are more survival games than we can shake a stick at – one such being Nightingale.


So today we’ll be taking a look at what we know about its future plans and any potential roadmaps.

As we alluded to, competition is tough - as we’ve already had the colossus that is Palworld, as well as Enshrouded. Both of which are still pulling in many players.

What separates Nightingale is its unique Victorian fantasy setting, with multiple biomes accessible by a portal network.

These biomes can be altered by Realm Cards that operate a little like Minecraft seeds, only that you have an idea of what will be changed as opposed to the mysterious string of numbers found in the blocky survival grandfather.

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But there’s plenty of upcoming goodness in Nightingale, so let's delve in and make the Fae Realms that little less mysterious.

Is there a Nightingale roadmap?

A creature wearing a rams skull as a face mask wielding a large club in a badlands biome in Nightingale
Nightingale. Inflexion

No, there is currently no announced roadmap for Nightingale.

There are, however, plenty of updates coming to the game - which we’ll get into more detail further down the article.

This is to be expected, as the game is currently in early access – though we’re sure gamers of a certain age remember how bad the initial days of early access were.

Hopefully, Nightingale has some serious legs and sees many updates for years to come, with a healthy player count to boot, too.

But let’s take a look at what’s been promised.

What do we know about Nightingale future plans?

A player approaching a automaton in Nightingale
Nightingale. Inflexion

Perhaps the most requested feature to be added is offline play, and it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, as the Inflexion Team announced in a blog post that they "are now prioritising and developing an offline mode that we plan to release as soon as feasible".

According to Dot Esports, there’s even more we have to look forward to in the Fae Realms. In addition to the offline mode, we can expect

  • New Realm Cards
  • More biomes
  • More quests
  • Introduction of facial hair
  • Introduction of scars and tattoos
  • New makeup
  • Tweaked and updated UI
  • Crafting directly from storage
  • Ability to queue item crafting
  • Changes to NPCs
  • New Apex creatures
  • More tools and weapons
  • Additional community requested features
  • Consistent update releases
  • Full 1.0 release

Speaking to Edwin Evans-Thirlwell of Rock Paper Shotgun, Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn reckons that the early access window will "last nine to 12 months" if all goes well.

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