Every couple of weeks or so the development team over at Riot Games releases a new League of Legends update.


This time around, the LoL patch is number 13.13 - and it’s live right now.

As always, expect the patch to bring with it plenty of balance changes to the game’s cavalcade of champions. Who knows? Your chosen champion might be one of the playable characters altered, so it’s worth knowing what’s set to change.

The development team has been hard at work applying buffs and nerfs to your favourite champions.

You'll also find other changes have been made to the game's systems and more in the new LoL update - including to game systems and more.

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Read on to find out when the LoL update 13.13 release date was and to find out what has been changed in the patch notes.

When is LoL patch 13.13 expected?

The League of Legends 13.13 update went live on Wednesday 28th June 2023. This is according to the official patch schedule as detailed by developer Riot Games.

It’s worth noting that the schedule linked above was a planned schedule, and plans can change. The new LoL update went live on 28th June, but others might miss their given dates.

Riot Games will “put an alert at the top of” the page linked above if the patch is delayed within 48 hours of it going live.

As per the official patch schedule, the next update (13.14) is scheduled to go live on Wednesday 19th July 2023.

What has changed with the LoL patch notes?

The development team has made plenty of changes to League of Legends thanks to the 13.13 update. Unlike normal patches, 13.13 is a three-week-long affair as the studio is closed for a mid-year break.

Many Champions have been either buffed or nerfed as part of the update, including Annie, who has been nerfed. Annie's Q - Disintegrate has been nerfed to reduce the potency of her magic damage from 80/115/150/185/220 (+80% AP) to 70/105/140/175/210 (+75% AP). This is just one example of many different Champion changes.

Along with Champion updates, the new LoL patch has fixed many a bug, including the expected fix of the practice tool, which should now be working again.

Other bug fixes include one for the League client crashing when checking the client version, and Neeko should now be able to attack after transforming into a Totem Ward, Farsight Ward, or Control Ward.

There are loads of patch notes, too many to note here, so you will want to head on over to the official League of Legends website to check them all out for yourself.

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