The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always offered us plenty of ways to earn money - from following the story missions, to taking on side quests, to freelancing on the street with a stolen ambulance or taxi.


GTA Online has taken things to another level, though, with bigger businesses than those in previous titles.

And with it being multiplayer, you can show off your ridiculous wealth to other players...

So, let's take a look at the best get-rich-quick schemes to make money fast in GTA Online.

But first, can we cheat our way to wealth?

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Is there a money cheat in GTA 5?

While there was a money cheat in pretty much all the classic PS2 games, Rockstar omitted it from the fifth instalment. There are plenty of other fun cheats, but you'll have to work for your money we're afraid.

So let's get on with the list of get-rich-quick hacks!

How to make money fast in GTA Online

If you've played any of the previous games - from the top down originals from the nineties to one of the many ports of GTA5 - then a few of these will be familiar. You might prefer some to others, depending on what type of a gamer you are (and your moral code), but it's always worth trying something new!

  • Payphone hits are a nifty means of grabbing extra cash, and we love them because they're an homage to the original titles. Answer a payphone, complete the nefarious job, pick up the cash. It's back to basics GTA. You'll get 15k a mission, and an extra 70k for the bonus criteria. You'll need to buy an Agency and complete three Security Contracts before this becomes available. Speaking of which...
  • Agency security contracts can be accessed from your office computer once you've bought an agency. These missions vary in difficulty and reward, but you can earn 70k for the most challenging ones.
  • There are plenty of heists in the game, but making big dollar through them has a few requirements. You'll need to be a high level for some of them, and you'll need a crew to help out. Perhaps not ideal if you're new or a solo player, but they're an excellent means of adding weight to your wallet.
  • If you're brand new to the game (and don't fancy splashing out real money), then don't be scared of the Diamond & Casino Resort. While you don't want to gamble too much at this stage, if you talk to the cashier he'll give you 1000 chips every day. You can play with it, or convert it to cash. Not to be sniffed at early in the game!
  • Another classic cash grabber is Time Trials; especially efficient if you're a good driver. 50k for one race against the clock!
  • Businesses are perhaps the best means of earning money, because you can leave and let them look after themselves! You'll need to start these organisations (from nightclubs to gun supply) as a VIP or CEO, and complete a few active missions to get the business running. But this is perhaps the most time efficient means of getting rich in GTA Online. Make money while you make money!
  • You can also register as a CEO of the Bail Office (once you've purchased it) to start Bottom Dollar Bounties. Read more about that in our guide!

These are our favourites, but as you play the game you might discover your own. It's a big game, so explore and have fun!


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