It doesn’t take long for the modding community to create new things for existing PC games, and there are already enough for us to curate this list of what we think are the best Ghost of Tsushima mods.


Despite releasing on 16th May 2024, there are already a load of mods available to download and install on the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima, thanks to sites such as Nexus Mods.

We’ve looked through the lot of them to give you a list of what we think are the cream of the crop, but as we move further from the game’s release date, expect many more mods to be made available!

Read on to find out what the best Ghost of Tsushima PC mods are and how to use them.

How to use mods in Ghost of Tsushima

The easiest way to install mods for Ghost of Tsushima on PC is by using a website such as Nexus Mods and following the instructions listed for each individual mod there.

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You should find each mod gives instructions on how to install it - stick to that and you’ll have mods installed in no time.

Browse through the list of Ghost of Tsushima mods on Nexus Mods and install the mods you want by following the website’s instructions.

This YouTube video by Venomox on how to download and install mods from Nexus Mods should still be worth watching, if you want to follow a video with step-by-step instructions:

Best Ghost of Tsushima PC mods

There are plenty of good mods available, and we’ve sifted through the lot so you don’t have to, and so we could come up with this list of the best Ghost of Tsushima PC mods.

Here are our current picks for the best Ghost of Tsushima PC mods:

Fast Launch (Skip Startup Videos)

Make those pesky start-up videos a thing of the past with Instanity’s Fast Launch (Skip Startup Videos) mod. Download this mod to get into the game much quicker!

Download Fast Launch (Skip Startup Videos) mod from Nexus Mods

NG Plus Save

If you want to play through the game as the baddest version of Jin there is, you’ll want to install the NG Plus Save mod from modder Lighting. This mod unlocks everything in single-player as if you’d played the game to 100 per cent completion.

Download the NG Plus Save mod from Nexus Mods

Language Remover - Save HDD-SSD Space

Fed up with Ghost of Tsushima taking up precious HDD/SSD space on your PC? This handy Language Remover mod from Instanity will remove all language options aside from the one you wish to use – saving space on your hard drive for more games!

Download the Language Remover mod from Nexus Mods

Black White Red Reshade Preset

Ghost of Tsushima PC mods showing a field in black, white and red
Ghost of Tsushima.

A nifty visual mod that applies a black, white and red filter to the game. This is for fans of red blood (and other items) in a black and white world, created by modder BigHUTCH.

Download the Black White Red mod from Nexus Mods

Cinematic Bushido’s Reshade

Ghost of Tsushima mods bushido reshade showing a samurai holding a blade by his face
Ghost of Tsushima.

If you yearn for a more realistic samurai cinematic style when playing Ghost of Tsushima, the Cinematic Bushido’s Reshade mod by seanops21 is everything you want. As per the mod’s description, "Cinematic Bushido's Reshade offer[s] you a cinema look, with better contrast/sharpness/colour."

Download the Cinematic Bushido’s Reshade mod from Nexus Mods


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