Now that another instalment of the yearly Fortnitemares event is underway in Fortnite once more, it’s time to get in the spooky spirit and become like the wolf. The Fortnite Wolfscent Ability is a fun new addition to the battle royale that you will want to make the most of while it’s around.


Thanks to its melee-slashing attack and tracking vision, you definitely want to give the new Wolfscent Ability a go before it disappears into the night. You’ll need it to complete the "hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active" quest, too.

There are a couple of steps you need to complete in order to unlock the Wolfscent Ability in Fortnite. Fortunately, we’re here to let you know exactly what to do to unlock the power of the wolf. Here’s everything there is to know about the Fortnite Wolfscent Ability.

How to get Fortnite Wolfscent Ability

To unlock the Wolfscent Ability in Fortnite, you need to howl with the Howler Claws equipped. Doing this will unlock the Wolfscent Ability for a limited time. You do have to complete some steps to get hold of a pair of Howler Claws before equipping them and letting out a howl, however.

Follow these steps to get the Fortnite Wolfscent Ability:

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  • Head to the Reality Tree
  • Step on an Alteration Alter
  • Perform the Ritual Emote
  • Equip the Howler Claws you’re given
  • Howl to activate the Wolfscent Ability

You can find Alteration Alters in other areas of the map, too, including Shimmer Shrine, Cloudy Condos, and more.

What is the Wolfscent Ability?

The Wolfscent Ability in Fortnite grants you tracking vision. Nearby enemies will glow pink, even behind walls and other objects. This will let you know the precise location of your prey. If no enemies are close enough, the Ability will enter into cooldown right away.

Opponents will hear a heartbeat sound as you near with the Ability active that becomes louder the closer you get. This should help keep everyone on their toes.

Why should I get the Wolfscent Ability in Fortnite?

Not only will the Wolfscent Ability give you tracking vision, which is cool enough as is, but it is also required to complete a Fortnitemares quest. The "hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active" quest is an easy challenge to complete and you should always complete quests, right?

To complete the quest, you need to follow the steps listed above to equip the Howler Claws, howl to activate the Wolfscent Ability, and attack an enemy while the tracking vision is active.

Now you know all there is to know about the Fortnite Wolfscent Ability, it’s time to get out there and slash at some opponents. Claws vs guns sounds like an interesting battle.

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