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Fortnite server status | Downtime ahead of v14.20 update – full patch notes

You can't play right now, but it will be worth it.

Published: Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 at 12:39 pm

If you were looking to play a game, or ninety, of Fortnite today, you will likely have to hold fire as we are currently in the middle of server downtime.


While that may be frustrating for those of you who were looking to pass some time on the game that has become a cultural phenomenon, it is good news as the downtime is used to implement some changes and new additions to the game- something it does regularly to keep things fresh.

As per the official Fortnite Twitter account: "We're beginning to disable services in preparation for v14.20. If you're currently in a session, you can continue to play until downtime starts at approx. 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC)." So that's 9 am today for us here in the UK.

As for what this new update will give us when the game returns later today.

New Fortnite update: 14.20 patch notes

fortnite wolverine

New Boss: Wolverine

Confront Weapon X deep in Weeping Woods, take him out, and shred through opponents with the Wolverine's Claws mythic power. Like other bosses on the map, he won't go down without a fight.

BTS in Party Royale

BTS will premiere a special dynamite video 9/25 @8pm ET. Keep eyes on our announcement blog for the latest news for content creators.

Takeover LTM

Earn points by capturing and holding outposts in a new Marvel-themed game mode. During your island domination, you'll start with a random primary superpower and see comets in the sky dropping more powers of all types to build your perfect loadout.

Fortnite Turns Three

Special birthday-themed plans are lined up this weekend to celebrate Fortnite's third birthday. More challenges to earn XP, new rewards and cake.

Llama-Rama Starts September 26

Play Rocket League to unlock items for both Rocket League and Fortnite. And watch Slushii on the Main Stage celebrating Llama-Rama on 9/26 @5pm ET in Party Royale.

As for the size of these updates, for the Xbox, it will be 2.70 GB, the PS4 update racks in at 2.76 GB, while the Switch update will be 1.70 GB.

If you've been following the Wolverine Trophy quest, it looks like the next big challenge is on the way for that imminently!

And if you are looking for Fortnite related things to buy, check out our Fortnite merchandise guide for a wide variety of things you can buy for yourselves or any Fornite loving friends and family members right now!


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