As part of the Fortnite Avatar Elements crossovers, Cai the cabbage merchant's Cabbage Carts have popped up across the map - and we’ve got the locations and how to destroy them explained.


These cabbages are pretty useful, as they make for great healing items and are stackable up to 10.

Destroying them is also part of one of the early quests for the Elements events, and will earn you 350 Chi.

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But we’re here for the cabbages, so read on to see how to rid yourself of emotional cabbage baggage.

Fortnite Cabbage Cart locations

Cabbage Cart locations in Fortnite
Cabbage Cart locations in Fortnite. Epic Games,

Across the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 map, there are 26 Cabbage Carts you can destroy - so it’s fairly easy to just happen upon one.

Courtesy of, you can see for yourself above where exactly to find them.

The carts will either be toppled (no doubt by the Gaang) or standing upright.

There are usually a few at each POI as well, so even if other players are dropping in at the same location, you should still have a good chance of breaking one for yourself.

If you’re curious to see how to wreck these cabbages, read on below!

How to destroy Cabbage Carts in Fortnite

To destroy a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite, you first need to find one (see above) and then reduce its health by any means of your choosing, be it via pickaxe, shotgun or assault rifle.

There is some slight confusion over what part you need to destroy, as the cabbages can often be found in produce crates - so just that there is no confusion whatsoever, check out HarryNinetyFour’s YouTube video above.

You could also probably drive through it in a similar fashion to how the Cabbage Carts are destroyed in the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, if you want to be lore accurate.


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