For a small game, Dave the Diver has made a big splash - pun fully intended.


Developed and published by independent South Korean studio Mintrocket, the game received critical acclaim and was nominated for a host of awards, eventually winning one for Game Design at the 20th BAFTA Games Awards ceremony just last week.

The game focuses on the titular Dave, who fishes in the depths of the ocean by day and helps to run a sushi restaurant by night. It’s a charming adventure with a stunning pixel art visual style.

But not every gamer has managed to get their hands on it yet. Released in June last year for macOS and Windows, it eventually made its way onto the Nintendo Switch in October, which means owners of Xbox and Playstation consoles have had to wait.

However, it’s finally good news if you own one of Sony’s systems (sorry, Xbox fans) as the game was released on Playstation 4 and 5 on 16th April 2024.

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It’s even better for subscribers of Playstation Plus Extra, as the title has landed on the service, making it free at the point of download.

Trophy hunters will inevitably be eyeing up the game’s achievements, so read on for the full list of David the Diver trophies.

How many trophies does Dave the Diver have?

Dave the Diver has a total of 44 trophies to collect, plus four sneakily hidden ones.

This equates to one Platinum, two Gold, 15 Silver and 26 Bronze trophies. Best get fishing.

Full list of David the Diver trophies

As you would expect, Dave the Diver’s trophy list is as eclectic as the game itself. The tasks range from catching a shark (easily done, right?) to taking photos and feeding a cat.

Achieving 100 per cent completion when it comes to trophy lists simply requires dedication, particularly with Dave the Diver - as most objectives are fairly straightfoward, providing you put in the effort.

Here is the list in full, from bronze to the secret trophies:

  • The Best Diver - Collect all trophies - Platinum
  • A Peaceful Blue Hole - Watched the ending credits - Gold
  • Bancho Sushi is Back! - Fixed the sushi restaurant - Bronze
  • Undersea Gunslinger - Completed the gun tutorial - Bronze
  • New Undersea Friend - Completed the Dolphin’s request - Bronze
  • Better Equipment - Made first equipment upgrade - Bronze
  • Undersea Civilisation! - Discovered the under-sea village - Bronze
  • Deep-sea Diver - Entered the Deep Sea for the first time - Bronze
  • Culinary Researcher - Researched 5 new dishes - Bronze
  • Culinary Master - Enhanced 5 dishes - Bronze
  • Shop’s Lookin’ Good! - Bought First Interior item - Bronze
  • Influencer - Reached Bronze level in Cooksta - Bronze
  • Scrap Metal Collector - Picked up 100 items - Bronze
  • Angry Shark! - Caught first shark - Bronze
  • Dave the Sniper - Caught 10 fish with a Sniper Rifle - Bronze
  • Mister Melee - Caught 20 fish with melee weapons - Bronze
  • Saved Dave! - First time bringing Dave back from the brink of death - Bronze
  • A Dark and Cold Place - Discovered the Glacial Passage - Bronze
  • Momo’s Secret - Got to know Momo a little better - Bronze
  • Dumplings in the Water - Mima’s restaurant opened - Bronze
  • The Seaweed is Growing! - Gumo’s seeweed farm opened - Bronze
  • Feeble Blacksmith - Duwa’s workshop opened - Bronze
  • Arm’s Craftsman - Enhanced gun 3 times - Bronze
  • Sea People Historian - Captured all of the Sea People murals - Bronze
  • Predator of the Blue Hole - Caught 300 fish - Bronze
  • Photographer - Took 10 photos at Photo Spots - Bronze
  • A Bancho Sushi Regular - Achieved Platinum rank in Cooksta - Bronze
  • Achoo! - Entered the Glacial Area for the first time - Silver
  • Weapon Collector - Collected all the blueprints - Silver
  • Catman - Fed cat 20 times - Silver
  • Blacksmith Helper - Sold 200 items at workshop - Silver
  • Professional Famer - Installed sprinklers in the garden - Silver
  • GYAO! Master - Raised 5 GYAO!s - Silver
  • Strange Fish - Captured 5 FishMon - Silver
  • My Wonderful Rice Field! - Rice field expanded to maximum - Silver
  • Leadership - Trained 200 employees to level 20 - Silver
  • Cooksta Influencer - Achieved Diamond rank in Cooksta - Silver
  • Artisan’s Flame - Researched 30 new dishes - Silver

Secret trophies:

  • Creature Hunter - Defeated all bosses - Gold
  • Ration Eater - Ate rations - Gold
  • Dev Killer - Wiped-out all the developers - Silver
  • God of Lightning - Caught a fish with Mjolnir - Silver

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