If you are trying to catch your breath after Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's Season 3 then you haven't much time, as MW3's Season 4 is already upon us.


As you would expect, Season 4 has brought with it new game modes, rewards, maps and weapons to get stuck into.

You can catch a glimpse of all of that in the launch trailer below:

There are also updates to Zombies and Warzone, so Call of Duty fans have plenty of action to scoop up in the coming weeks.

Read on to find out when CoD MW3 Season 4 was released and what the patch notes entail.

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What is included in the CoD MW3 Season 4 patch notes?

CoD MW3 Season 4

Three new core 6v6 maps, a new Unstable Rift in Zombies, a new mystery in Urzikstan to solve and a new Warzone event or two… There’s plenty to be getting on with from the CoD MW3 Season 4 patch notes. Yep, this includes a Gundam crossover event.

We’ve put the Season 4 roadmap in the image above, so you can see everything that’s being added to Multiplayer, Zombies, Warzone and Warzone Mobile this season and listed the patch notes out below.

What’s new in MW3 Season 4 Multiplayer?

  • Two brand new core 6v6 maps at launch: Tokyo (medium-sized) and Paris (medium-sized)
  • Incline | Brand new core 6v6 map (medium-sized), launching mid-season
  • Das Gross | Mid-season small core 6v6 new map variant
  • Game mode: Demolition (launch) - a round based objective mode with teams alternating between attacking and defending two different bomb sites.
  • Game mode: Hyper Cranked (launch) - fast-paced spin on Team Deathmatch where players must chain kills together within a specific amount of time.
  • Game mode: Havoc (mid-season) - gameplay modifiers cause changes to each match while players are tasked with eliminating enemies.
  • Game mode: Headshots Only (mid-season) - Team Deathmatch rules on small maps where only headshots count towards the kill count.
  • New Playlist Modifiers
  • Vortex Mosh Pit
  • Revamped G3T_H1GH limited-time event
  • Mutation Mode
  • Countdown Event
  • New Ranked Season and Rewards
  • New Perks: Mission Control Vest (launch) | Compression Plate (launch)
  • New Killstreaks: Intelligent Munitions Systems (launch) | Loitering Munition (launch) | Missile Drone (launch) | DNA Bomb (launch)

What’s new in MW3 Zombies Season 4?

  • New Unstable Rift (Season 4 Reloaded)

What’s new in Warzone Season 4?

  • Discovery of a mysterious DNA Bomb at Popove Power
  • Bunkers updating throughout season
  • New Urzikstan Gulag silos: 'S', '2', '3' and '8'
  • Return of Buy Back Royale Solos on Urzikstan
  • New modes coming throughout season
  • New Warzone Rewards
  • New Specialist Perk suitcase (Urzikstan)
  • New Tactical Sprint Boots (Urzikstan)
  • New Polaris RZR Vehicle (Urzikstan)
  • New Loot Hot Zones
  • New (currently redacted) Weapons (mid-season)
  • New Urzikstan Event: Runaway Train (mid-season)
  • Ranked Play Resurgence and Rewards

What’s new in Warzone Mobile Season 4?

  • New Multiplayer Map: Crash (6v6, medium-sized, launch)
  • Verdansk map update: Helicopter Crash
  • Rebirth Island map update: Chemical Storage Units
  • New modes: Killstreak Roulette Mode (Multiplayer, launch, TDM, limited-time) | Buyers' Royale Mode (Battle Royale, launch, limited-time)
  • Toxic Barrels appearing on Verdansk and Rebirth Island
  • New limited-time event: XP Boost Week (final week of Season 4)
  • Event Store update
  • The Keep update
  • More map changes, events, and limited-time modes at Season 4 Reloaded

What’s new in MW3 Season 4 across all game modes?

  • New Battle Pass
  • New Weapons: Superi 46 (Submachine Gun, Battle Pass Sector 6) | Kar98k (Marksman Rifle, Battle Pass Sector 5) | Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun, mid-season) | Sledgehammer (Melee, mid-season)
  • New Aftermarket Parts
  • New BlackCell includes two new Operator Skins: Dupe and Copy (available instantly)
  • Other new BlackCell Operator Skins: Hammer, Soap (two for Soap), Hush, Ripper, Jet, Pathfinder, Nolan, Void, and Alpine
  • New Battle Pass Operator Skins: Soap Nautilus Skin (unlocks at Tier 0) | Hammer (KorTac, launch, instant reward sector) | Void (KorTac, launch, Sector 16 unlock)
  • New items in the in-game store
  • New Gundam event and Packs (Packs available to purchase from in-game store)
  • The Boys Bundle
  • New Challenges, Events (Critical Countdown: 29th May to 26th June | Mobile Suit Gundam Legends: 5th June to 19th June | A couple more currently redacted events), and more

When was the CoD MW3 Season 4 release date?

A soldier running away from a fire
CoD MW3. Activision

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 update was released on Wednesday 29th May 2024. The MW3 start time here in the UK was 5pm on 29th May.

It feels like only yesterday we were starting out our Season 3 passes, and now Season 4 is right upon us. Oh well, back to the grind, we suppose.

If you wish to see everything listed above in more detail – and information on some other Season 4 things – please do check out the official CoD Blog post.


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