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A new Avengers video game could reveal Marvel’s shared gaming universe

Is Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day linked to the PlayStation Spider-Man?

Published: Tuesday, 11th June 2019 at 12:21 pm

At legendary gaming conference E3, publisher Square Enix finally revealed the trailer for their much-anticipated Avengers videogame – and despite the excitement, fans were quick to notice that the new version of the heroes was a bit of a departure from the Marvel movies, from the design of the characters to certain absences.


However, there may be a silver lining to Avengers: A-Day’s separation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with many fans quick to notice that there does seem to be a connection with another Marvel game.

Specifically, it seems like at least part of Marvel’s Avengers storyline was hinted at in 2018 PlayStation 4 hit Marvel’s Spider-Man, a critically-acclaimed new take on the web-slinging hero (also separate from the movies) that briefly saw Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) take stock of New York’s uninhabited Avengers tower.

“Avengers Tower is so cool, but they’re never around to use it,” Parker notes when observing the building in the game.

“I think they’re somewhere on the West Coast right now.”

And where are the Avengers when the A-Day trailer begins? Yep, that’s right, setting up their West Coast headquarters in San Francisco. Surely this can’t be a coincidence?

Well, it’s possible that it is – the West Coast Avengers have a fairly long history in Marvel’s decades of comic book storytelling, and it could be that both Spider-Man and this game were just using the same idea, the former as an explanation for why the Avengers wouldn’t help him save the day – but we’d like to think it was an intentional reference between the two games.

Sure, it’s unlikely that we’re getting a shared Marvel Gaming Universe from this clue alone, largely because the two games are made by different (and competing) companies and Spider-Man can only be played on one console, but hey – the Cinematic Universe wasn’t built in a day, and it could be that this sort of cross-referencing is just the start of building something bigger that could one day be a proper shared world.

Now, if we can just get Hawkeye the tower defence spin-off game he deserves, everyone will be happy.


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