Somebody petitioned Parliament for Ovie to win Love Island as first singleton

"Let's let Ovie aka king O win in a couple or single"


Stand aside Anton, move over Maura and jog on Jordan: Ovie is the only Love Island contestant for us. That’s the sentiment not only being voiced across the nation, but in a new petition submitted to the government.


As revealed on the Parliament website, the petition called for the smooth-talking 6’7″ basketball player to win the ITV2 reality show and its £50,000 prize.

Anonymously launched on 11th July, the petition was titled “Allow Ovie be the first single on Love Island to win the 50k”. A description read: “Let’s let Ovie aka king O win on [sic] a couple or single.”

Unfortunately for Ovie and his many many fans, the issue won’t be debated in Parliament with the petition recently rejected on the grounds that “it’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for”.

However, King O might not need a petition to reign supreme on the hit show having been seen getting close to new islander India, with the two set to share a smooch on the balcony.

But whether the tallest islander stays in the villa as a singleton, in pair with India or current partner Amber, it’s clear the country has fallen head Ovie heels for him.


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV 2