Greatest Dancer host Jordan Banjo incensed and judges baffled as audience fails to vote for body popping act

"There’s no point shouting 'bring him back' – you didn’t vote”

Jordan Banjo on The Greatest Dancer

The Greatest Dancer co-host Jordan Banjo made his feelings clear to the show’s audience after they failed to cast enough votes to send through one of the acts in Saturday night’s episode.


The Diversity star and presenter was unimpressed after body-popper Mind Trick was sent home having garnered only 68% of the required 75% of audience votes, with panelists Oti Mabuse, Matthew Morrison and Cheryl also at a loss to understand the result.

“People are underestimating how hard that body control is,” said Jordan as the votes failed to rack up for the routine, which Mind Trick – real name Matthew – had revealed was inspired by the movements of a fly.

And as some sections of the crowd called for the dancer to be given a second chance, an incensed Jordan replied “listen guys, there’s no point shouting ‘bring him back’ ‘cos it’s the audience that’s got all the power. It’s completely up to you – you didn’t vote.”

“That’s a shame, that is a shame,” said Strictly pro dancer Oti, later asking the audience “why didn’t you vote?”

“We’ve lost a good talent there,” added Cheryl.

“I do feel like I’ve missed quite a big opportunity,” said Mind Trick after the disappointing result – and it appears he was right, as two of the dance captains agreed they would have wanted him in their teams in the later stages of the competition.

“He would have been in my final three for sure,” said Glee star Matthew, while Cheryl agreed, “yeah, absolutely”.

The margins between success and failure can clearly be very fine in The Greatest Dancer – and as far as the judges and presenters are concerned, it seems the audience doesn’t always get it right.


The Greatest Dancer continues on Saturday nights on BBC1