Viewers left harrowed by BBC2’s “brutal” modern slavery drama Doing Money

Gwyneth Hughes "horrific" real-life story about a woman forced into sex slavery shocked viewers

Doing Money (BBC, EH)

Viewers were left harrowed by BBC2’s “brutal” and “grim” modern slavery drama Doing Money.


Inspired by real events, the film tells the story of Ana (played by Anca Dumitra), a young Romanian woman who is snatched off a street in London and forced into sex slavery.

The drama, which was penned by Vanity Fair’s Gwyneth Hughes, is part of the BBC’s Why Slavery? season, timed to coincide with International Anti Slavery Day on 18th October.

Ana’s “horrific” story shocked viewers, many of whom found the “disturbing” film difficult to watch.

“Harrowing and heartbreaking – such brave women living through the most awful horrific time,” Debbie Hill wrote on Twitter.

“[Doing Money] was gut-wrenching, revealing the brutal realities of sex slavery and exploitation of women and girls (5 million trafficked globally last year),” Claire McGing wrote.

Viewers were also “shock[ed]” that Ana’s pimps were revealed to have only been sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Another viewer described the drama as “brilliant” but “not an easy watch”.

Crazy Rich Asians’ actress Gemma Chan urged those viewers for whom “something clicks into place, maybe something or someone you’ve seen” to get in touch with modern slavery charities and helplines.

“Doing Money on BBC2 seriously disturbing but a serious issue on our own doorstep,” Stephen Blevins wrote on Twitter.


To report a case of modern slavery call the helpline on 0800 0121 700 or report it online at the modern slavery helpline website