Henry Golding and Gemma Chan are hoping to explore Chan's character further in Crazy Rich Asians 2 - and both of the stars are keen to be involved in the film if it goes ahead.


A sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, the record-breaking, genre-reviving comedy from John Chu, was reportedly in the works within weeks of it's release in the US, where it has become the most successful romcom in a decade, and its likely to pick up further steam as it launches in the UK on Friday.

Both Golding, who plays lead man Nick Yung, and Chan, who plays his philanthropic cousin Astrid, told RadioTimes.com they would like to join up with the cast a second time around.

"Yeah I'd love to do a sequel," Chan said. "There are 3 books, so potentially there could be two more films, and Kevin Kwan has written such incredible characters, and they go on quite unexpected journeys in the other two books."

Golding says he wants to see Astrid's character further fleshed out next time out.

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"I think, really, do Astrid's story justice," he said. "Astrid was my favourite character in the movies, and [director] John Chu had to make the decision to focus on Rachel and Nick to strengthen this story in particular, but Astrid's story has so many interesting little twists and turns, and she is such an amazing, wonderful character.

A post-credit sequence to the film hints at a new romance for Astrid, in the form of a character from the books called Charlie Wu, as played by Harry Shum Jr.

"I'd love to act with Harry more, and dance with harry," Chan said. "I did dance with harry but the scene didn't make it into the film..."

Awkwafina and Ken Jeong, on the other hand, aren't so sure there will be much room for them in the sequel.

"Unfortunately the sequel already exists," Awkwafina says.

"There's a second book," Jeong adds, jokingly, "which is mostly about zombies. t's a zombie apocalypse... it's fascinating, it changes the tone a little bit."

"Oh yeah, nouveau riche zombies? That would be great," Awkwafina added. "I love that."


Crazy Rich Asians is released in UK cinemas on Friday 14th September