Meet the cast of Keeping Faith

Eve Myles leads a cast packed full of Welsh talent as the drama finally comes to BBC1

(Keeping Faith, BBC)

After setting records on BBC Wales and iPlayer, the first series of Keeping Faith is getting an outing on BBC1 – with Eve Myles leading the cast as a woman called (you guessed it) Faith.


In the midst of the beautiful Welsh countryside, we meet the Howells, a happy and perfectly imperfect family. Both Faith and Evan are accomplished solicitors, seemingly on the right side of the law. But, of course, that starts to unravel quickly – and spectacularly.

Here’s our guide to the characters and where you’ve seen the stars who play them before…

Eve Myles plays Faith Howells

Who is Faith Howells? In case you haven’t guessed, Faith is the lead character in the Welsh BBC drama Keeping Faith. Initially a relatively annoying, wine supping, but otherwise gregarious wife coming to the end of her maternity leave, Faith – and the show – gets a lot more interesting when her husband leaves one morning with no sign of returning. She must balance her responsibility as a mother, trying to find her husband and fighting off the suspicious glances of the law.

Where have I seen Eve Myles before? Myles is best known to sci-fi fans as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood and subsequently Doctor Who but has since played memorable supporting roles in mainstream shows including Broadchurch (Claire Ripley), Victoria (Mrs Jenkins) and a Very English Scandal (Gwen Parry-Jones). She also starred as district nurse Frankie Maddox in BBC1’s appropriately named Frankie.

Bradley Freegard plays Evan Howells

Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard, who plays her husband in Keeping Faith

Who is Evan Howells? When we first meet Evan, he seems nothing other than a devoted, loving husband to his wife – an act that can’t be too difficult, seeing as Freegard and Myles are married in real life. But after he disappears one morning, Faith is forced to question everything she thought she knew about him.

Where have I seen Bradley Freegard before? Honestly? If you have, you probably won’t remember. This is his breakthrough role (Myles said as much herself), but he has featured as Sinbad Sailors in Under Milk Wood, as Bryn Peters in Holby City’s Blood Money episode, and in a variety of minor roles in Doctors.

Eiry Thomas plays DI Williams

Who is DI Williams? We’re all used to the age-old story of the gritty, determined cop hell-bent on finding the truth. DI Williams is no such officer of the law – preferring to obfuscate the lines between the truth and lies, she seeks to prove that Faith is the cause of her husband’s disappearance. Refusing to let justice getting in the way of a conviction, DI Williams is the epitome of a ‘bent cop’.

Where have I seen Eiry Thomas before? Another actor who’s featured in Torchwood, Thomas’s other previous parts include minor roles in Doctors, as Jackie Leavis, and simply ‘Stewardess’ in Sherlock episode The Six Thatchers. 

Mark Lewis Jones plays Steve Baldini

Mark Lewis Jones plays Steve Baldini in Keeping Faith

Who is Steve Baldini? Having seemingly turned his back on a life of low-level crime, Baldini is Faith’s first case since the mysterious disappearance of her husband. Baldini seemingly has undying gratitude towards Faith’s husband for helping him change his erroneous ways and seems dead-set on looking out for Faith. But are his reasons really quite so pure?

Where have I seen Mark Lewis Jones before? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Jones played Captain Canady in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. His TV roles include Rob Morgan in comedy drama Stella, and Gerry in mini-series National Treasure.

Matthew Gravelle plays Constable Terry Price

Matthew Gravelle in Keeping Faith

Who is Constable Terry Price? An unassuming local policeman married to Evan’s sister (Bethan). It seems that Evan’s disappearance has far-reaching consequences, putting pressure on Constable Price’s own marriage.

Where have I seen Mark Gravelle before? Gravelle is another actor well known for his role in Broadchurch, playing Joe Miller. For you gaming buffs, he is also an accomplished voice actor in video games, featuring in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (as Ewald Borsodi).

Aneirin Hughes plays Tom Howells

Aneirin Hughes in Keeping Faith

Who is Tom Howells? Former solicitor, partner at Faith and Evan’s law firm and apparent father of Evan, Tom is another of those whose relationships suffer with Evan’s disappearance. But does he know more than he’s letting on?


Where have I seen Aneirin Hughes before? Another big name in Welsh TV, Hughes plays Chief Superintendent Brian Prosser in Hinterland. The actor also has had minor roles in Coronation Street as Bill Thornhill and in EastEnders as Andy Jones.

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