35 actors who have travelled between the universes of Doctor Who and Star Wars

From the Tardis to the Death Star, these actors have clocked up appearances in both sci-fi classics

14. Sharon Duncan-Brewster


Bad Girls’ Crystal Gordon and EastEnders’ Trina popped up in Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars, taking on the role of Maggie Cain. The British actress also has a more political role in Rogue One, playing the Alliance’s Senator Pamlo.


15. Dave Prowse


He’s best known for playing Darth Vader’s body in the original Star Wars films, but David Prowse also played a faceless character in Doctor Who. The actor and bodybuilder played a Minotaur in Jon Pertwee story the Time Monster, way back in 1972.

16. Spencer Wilding


Original Darth Vader Dave Prowse didn’t return to the Sith suit for Rogue One, so the task of embodying the fearsome Star Wars villain fell to two men – one of whom was Welsh actor Spencer Wilding. The terrifically tall actor has played numerous roles in Doctor Who, including The Creature (The Good Complex), the Wooden King (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe), and Skaldak (Cold War).

17. John Hollis


Yes, even the guy with the snazzy ear-muffs in The Empire Strikes Back has popped up in Doctor Who. The former Lobot played Professor Sondergaard in 1972 serial The Mutants.