When is Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 coming out? UK release date and what we know so far

The smash-hit cop comedy is returning for season 8.

Melissa Fumera as Amy Santiago and Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta

It looks as though Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will have to wait a bit longer for season eight to hit our screens now that NBC has officially delayed the detective comedy’s eighth outing.


Originally predicted for an autumn return, the show’s producers have stumbled across a number of hurdles over the past few months – from COVID-19 shutting down production across the TV industry, to the wave of Black Lives Matter protests in response to George Floyd’s killer bringing into question the portrayal of law enforcement onscreen.

While fans can’t wait to see Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago and their newborn Mac, various cast members have mentioned that season eight needed a “rethink” in light of 2020, with Chelsea Peretti proposing that the show “defunds the police” in the upcoming season.

The first four scripts have reportedly already been scrapped, and Samberg told People that the entire team were currently in discussions regarding “how you make a comedy show about police right now, and if we can find a way of doing that that we all feel morally okay about”.

What is season eight going to look like? And when are we likely to see it on our screens? Here’s everything we know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine season eight.

What is Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season 8 release date?

While NBC’s 2020-2021 schedule, published back in June, indicated that Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s upcoming season would air in autumn this year, unfortunately it seems as though the series has been pushed back to next year.

Towards the end of August, Andre Braugher announced on Twitter: “We’re back…in 2021 that is. #Brooklyn99 returns to NBC in the new year!”

This delay shouldn’t come as much as a surprise – with COVID-19 causing production difficulties across the TV industry, a number of series are facing set backs in the current climate.

According to Deadline, NBC has dropped a number of shows from its autumn schedule, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Manifest and New Amsterdam – all of which will premiere after Jan 1st.

And the virus isn’t the only thing with the potential to cause delays; the effect of global protests against police brutality has reportedly caused the writing team to reconsider their approach, with Terry Crews telling Access in June the first four episodes of the new series had already been scrapped and there were plans to start over.

Crews said, “Right now, we don’t know which direction we’re going to go in, but we do know that we’ve had a lot of somber talks, we’ve had a lot of very, very deep conversations, and through this we hope to bring something that could really, really truly be groundbreaking this year.

“We have an opportunity here and we plan to use it in the best, best way possible.”.

It’s unknown currently when viewers in the UK will be able to watch the new series, however season seven started airing on E4 on 26th March, over a month after it began in the US.

What is Brooklyn Nine-Nine about?

Andy Samberg and Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg and Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the NYPD’s 99th police precinct as they solve crime and catch criminals, all while getting into all sorts of shenanigans in the process.

The series centres around Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), an unconventional and immature detective who at first clashes with his boss Captain Holt, before they develop a mutual respect and fondness for one another.

What will happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8?

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Andre Braugher as Captain Holt
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Andre Braugher as Captain Holt

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine writing team hasn’t given much away in terms of plot, however the show’s creator Dan Goor did reveal in April that they were working out how to include the coronavirus pandemic into this season’s storyline.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said that the writers do not want the show to be ignorant of its impact on frontline workers.

“I don’t think anybody wants us to, nor do we want to, have our characters toiling away in the depths of the pandemic,” he said. “But the question is how they have been affected by the virus and the pandemic as New York City residents and as first responders in New York City.”

“How do we keep the show funny? How do we do that while still making them of this world and of their world? It’s challenging,” he continued.

The recent killing of George Floyd by police in the US could also impact B99’s season eight, with actor Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords) revealing that the cast and crew are assessing how to go forward with the series in light of the Black Lives Matter protests.

“We actually all got on a Zoom call just the other day, because of what’s happening in this country and we were witnessing so many abuses of power,” he said on Late Night with Seth Meyers in June.

“We had some somber talks and some really eye opening conversation about how to handle this new season.”

Former star Chelsea Peretti, who played Gina Linetti from series one until season five, also said that the writers are working to “reshape” the upcoming season in light of the Black Lives Matters movement and calls to defund the police.

“I’m very curious and interested to see what they do,” she told IndieWire. “I get what people are saying. I get their concerns, and you know, my thought was like, ‘They should just defund the police!’ And have everyone going to do community-oriented work.”

She continued: “That’s probably not what they’re going to do. But I’m looking forward to seeing what they do because I know they have to respond to this, the unfortunate reality that policing has been and is.”

Who will appear in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8?

Craig Robinson as Doug Judy, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta
Craig Robinson as Doug Judy, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta

Andy Samberg will of course return as Jake Peralta, with Andre Braugher playing his boss Captain Holt, Joe Lo Truglio starring as his best friend and colleague Boyle and Melissa Fumero portraying his wife and colleague Amy Santiago.

We also expect to see Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), neurotic desk sergeant Terry (Terry Crews) and inveterate losers Hitchcock and Scully (Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller) this series.

Guest stars have not yet been announced for season eight, but Craig Robinson has made numerous appearances throughout the show as Pontiac Bandit Doug Judy so it’s likely we’ll see him again.

Sadly, Chelsea Peretti most likely won’t return to play fan-favourite Gina Linetti as she left the cast during season six but has returned for the odd guest appearance so hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of Linetti.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available to stream on All4 in the UK. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out my TV Guide.