The best TV shows to watch on NOW TV

Sky's streaming service is jam packed with the very best of prestige drama, from Big Little Lies and The Sopranos to Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones

Sharp Objects

While Sky’s on demand streaming service NOW TV doesn’t dole out original content at the same rate as its closest competitors Netflix and Amazon, it is well able to compete with the two behemoths thanks to a brilliant back catalogue of TV shows.


From classic series like Sex and the City and Twin Peaks, to brilliant newcomers Big Little Lies, Patrick Melrose and Save Me, there’s plenty of prestige TV Including Westworld and the final series of Game of Thrones in April 2019.

Sharp Objects

Amy Adams stars as a troubled journalist who is sent back to her tiny home town of Wind Gap, Missouri to report on the murder of two young girls – forcing her to face up to her past, and her callous mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson). Watch on NOW TV

Game of Thrones

We’ve still got a while to wait until series 8 arrives in 2019 – so in theory, an entire re-watch of season 1-7 is achievable, and now entirely possible because every episode is now available on Now TV.

The Sopranos

The greatest show of all-time is back on NOW TV. Get back in touch with animal-loving sociopath Tony Soprano and his mobster pals here.


Remember this quick, larky American sitcom with Zach Braff leading a gang of quippy young doctors? All nine series are now available. Binge to your heart’s content. Watch on NOW TV

Most Expensivest

The best part of this hilarious series, which sees rapper 2 Chainz touring the United States and trying out the most expensive products and services in the world, is how shockingly frugal the host is. For a man who earns a living by buffing up his baller lifestyle over a beat, he often scoffs at the absurd price of gold-flaked doughnuts or THC-infused mac & cheese just as we would. Watch on NOW TV

Patrick Melrose

Benedict Cumberbatch gives one of his best performances in one of 2018’s strongest dramas; he’s the protagonist from Edward St Aubyn’s novels, brought to life in an adaptation that, with a cool mix of tragedy and black hilarity, gives us a woundingly sharp picture of a damaged man doomed to do more damage to those around him. Watch on NOW TV

Big Little Lies

If the slate of Golden Globes and Emmy awards bagged by this irresistible drama doesn’t convince you, the all-star cast will. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern are all on top form as high-society mothers embroiled in an innovatively told murder-mystery. Watch on NOW TV

The Deuce

Available from Friday 20th July

The early 1970s in New York are a lost, decadent world, as sleazy and lawless as in countless titillating movies… but this US drama about the city’s nascent sex industry – led by James Franco playing identical twins – is by David Simon, creator of The Wire, so it’s a rounded, challenging look at exploited people. Watch on NOW TV

Twin Peaks: The Return

In 2017, David Lynch brought his surrealist, cinematic drama back from the dead after a sixteen year hiatus, and its just as brilliant and bonkers as we could have hoped. Watch on NOW TV

Save Me

There’s more to this thriller than meets the eye. Writer/star Lennie James plays the estranged father of a teenage girl who, out of the blue, is accused of her abduction. That proves to be a way into an ensemble piece that includes the impeccable Suranne Jones as the girl’s mum. Watch on NOW TV


The magnificent Kerry Washington headlines this soapy, political drama from US television powerhouse Shonda Rhimes (who has recently signed a big-money, multi-year deal with Netflix). It centres around Olivia Pope (Washington) a former White House press aide who starts up her own crisis management PR firm. Watch on NOW TV


This loose X-Men spin-off revolves around David (Dan Stevens), a man (read: mutant) whose struggle with powerful psychic abilities has been misdiagnosed throughout his life as a form of schizophrenia – and it’s rife with hallucinations, metaphors, visits to the astral plane and characters that take multiple forms. It’s bonkers – in the very best way possible. Watch on NOW TV

Tin Star

Sky Atlantic felt so confident about this dark drama series that they renewed it for a second season before the first episode had premiered. Tim Roth stars as conflicted police officer Jim Worth in an oil-dominated small town on the border of the Canadian Rockies. Watch on NOW TV


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant and future The Crown lead Olivia Colman star in riveting crime drama set in a small seaside town. Watch on NOW TV


Smart-thriller maestro JJ Abrams was behind this stylish action romp, starring Jennifer Garner as a double agent keeping multiple identities secret. The earlier series in particular were terrific, pure entertainment. Watch on NOW TV


Damian Lewis stars as a charismatic billionaire and 9/11 survivor who finds himself relentlessly pursued by Attorney General Chuck Rhoades Jr (Paul Giamatti). Watch on NOW TV


Forensic technician Dexter Morgan (Micahel C Hall) leads a rather disturbing double life as a serial killer who hunts down criminals that have slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Watch on NOW TV

Twin Peaks

Long before the money moved from film to TV, Blue Velvet director David Lynch had dipped his toe in the water with this mystery series that would go on to become one of the biggest cult hits of the 1990s. Watch on NOW TV

Nurse Jackie

The Sopranos’ star Edie Falco returns to her anti-hero roots as a drug-addicted ER nurse. Watch on NOW TV

Sex and the City

The seminal girl talk sitcom starring Sarah Jessica-Parker and Kim Cattrall.  Watch on NOW TV

The Jinx

A deeply disturbing and gripping look at the life of Robert Durst, an American real estate heir, the key suspect in a series of unsolved crimes. Watch on NOW TV

The Tunnel

Clémence Poésie stars in this Anglo-French cop remake of Scandi hit The Bridge set in Calais and Folkestone. Watch on NOW TV

The Young Pope

Jude Law stars as newly-elected, tyrannical pontiff Lenny Belardo in this visually stunning series from arthouse film director Paolo Sorrentino. Watch on NOW TV