Sense8 final episode trailer teases emotional reunion – and one last fight

The beloved Netflix series will end with a two-hour special this June


The first full trailer for the final ever episode of Sense8 has been revealed.


The new video set up an emotional feature-length ending for the Netflix series, which was cancelled before a huge fan campaign earned the show a reprieve.

The spirit of unity in the show lives on in the new trailer, with Jamie Clayton’s character Nomi declaring, “I’m not just a me. I’m also a we.”

Incredible global locations are also teased in the new footage from the finale, which Netflix’s vice president Cindy Holland has already said will be a “fantastic, fitting conclusion” to Sense8.

According to Netflix, in the final episode “personal lives are pushed aside as the cluster, their sidekicks, and some unexpected allies band together for a rescue mission and BPO take-down in order to protect the future of all Sensates.”

Netflix has confirmed that Sense8’s series finale will be released on Friday 8th June 2018.


Co-creator Lana Wachowski wrote a heartfelt letter to fans when the show’s future was assured last year, announcing that a final two-hour special would be happening and congratulating viewers for their devotion: “Improbably, unforeseeably, your love has brought Sense8 back to life.”

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