“It’s big and bonkers”: the first reactions to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman have arrived

Warner Bros and DC's latest outing for the King of Atlantic is already making waves

Jason Momoa in Aquaman (Warner Bros, HF)

The first reviews for Warner Bros and DC’s Aquaman starring Jason Momoa are in, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s absolutely “bonkers” — and well worth a watch on the big screen.


It seems the film is already making waves, as a number of the reviews surfacing on the net are positive, praising Momoa’s performance and the film’s more “bananas” moments.

Den of Geeks critic Mike Cecchini called the film a “step in the right direction” for the DC universe.

“Aquaman is pretty wild. It leans hard not its ’80s fantasy/adventure movie vibe far more than superhero elements, and it works.”

“I loved it,” said JobLo.com’s critic Paul Shirley. “It’s a comic book movie through & through with great action, iconic moments & visual spectacle to spare… It’s a blast.”

“Aquaman is a breathtakingly beautiful, weird, badass, FUN idea of a modern superhero fantasy (anime) and makes zero apologies. Second half’s one cheer/laugh after another,” said Screen Rant editor Andrew Dyce.

“Imagine ’80s Schwarzenegger starring in “Hideo Kojima’s AVATAR” and you’re most of the way there,” he added.

However, BBC Radio 1 film critic Ali Plumb warned that some viewers might find the film’s more “bonkers” elements a bit… fishy.

“A lot of people are going to see and say “What the hell am I watching?” People are going to *react* to this film,” said Plumb, who predicted it might polarise fans.

“It’s big and bold and a bit bonkers. I’m glad I’ve seen it but I think more than a few won’t be. It’s an Aquaman movie, so, you know, it’s… out there.”

“It’s very Aquaman. An-octopus-playing-thebongos Aquaman,” he added. “Goofy, nerdy, kiddy, it’s full of swishy action set-pieces and *all* the special effects, putting – ahem – the sea back into CGI.”

The film marks the King of Atlantis’ first solo movie – four years after Momoa was first cast in the title role — and will be released on 12th December 2018 in the UK, a week before the US planned opening.


Game of Thrones’ Mamoa returns to play Arthur Curry/Aquaman, the half-Atlantean half-Human, while Amber Heard reprises her Justice League role as warrior Mera, daughter of the king of the Atlantean tribe Xebel. Julie Andrews also makes a cameo — voicing a creepy entity in the deep sea….