The first-look Aquaman poster has SO many sharks and fans are loving it

And they’re already making comparisons to other undersea movies

Jason Momoa in Aquaman (Warner Bros, HF)

Following the disappointing box office reception to Justice League, Warner Bros.’ next big superhero film Aquaman has been taking a quieter approach, with director James Wan holding back on promotion and not even releasing a trailer despite the film being due in cinemas this December.


However, now the film is starting to emerge from the depths for the first time, with a trailer confirmed to be shown at San Diego Comic-con later this week – and in the meantime, Warner Bros. has released the first poster for the watery adventure, showing off Jason Momoa’s Atlantean king surrounded by some fishy friends.

Yep – for Arthur Curry, every week is shark week. And fans were quick to react with excitement and amusement at the new poster on social media, particularly when it came to the sheer number of sharks on display.

Meanwhile, some fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons to other sea-related movies…

Overall, though, we’d say it’s a good start for a movie that has a lot of expectations to overcome – this is a superhero whose main ability is talking to fish, in a movie universe that very few people can admit to honestly enjoying – and we can’t wait to see what the trailer has to offer.

Though frankly, if they don’t include at least one chant of “Fish are friends, not food,” what are they even bothering for??


Aquaman will be released in cinemas on the 21st December