How to vote on Love Island

How many votes do you get? Are there phone numbers to vote for Love Island? Here's everything you need to know...

Love Island contestants group shot

From who goes on dates to which islanders ultimately get dumped, it’s the viewers who get the final say on Love Island.


But how do you vote? And when? And how many votes do you get? We’re here to answer all your questions…

How do I vote on Love Island?

The only way to have your say on the goings on in the villa is to download the Love Island app.

Once you’ve registered, head to the ‘vote’ tab. This is where the questions will appear – including everything from who you want to send on dates to who you want to stay on Love Island.

There’s no set day or time that voting opens, so pay attention at the end of each episode or you may miss the chance to save your favourite islander! 

How long is the vote open for?

Again, it varies. But the voting window can be as short as 30 minutes, so if you want to have your say on what goes on in the villa it’s probably best to watch the show live!

What are the phone numbers to vote on Love Island?

Unlike most TV reality shows, there is no phone or text voting on Love Island.

How much does it cost to vote using the app?

Voting is completely free and there’s no way to vote by phone or text, so the app is literally the only way to get involved.

How many votes will I get?

Viewers can only vote once per person or couple per device, although you can sometimes vote for more than one option (so for instance in the first vote, to see which of the boys would go on a date with the two new girls, you could have voted once, for example, for Alex and once for Niall). You can also register up to six devices per account for free voting. So get out your phone, your tablet and any other tech you have lying around in preparation for tonight’s episode.

For the full voting terms and conditions, click here


Love Island continues every day at 9pm on ITV2