Twin Peaks cast – then and now

A who's who of the key characters, plus details of the 200-strong new and returning cast in season 3 of David Lynch's weird and wonderful drama


It’s 25 years since the denizens of Twin Peaks last appeared on our TV screens, so if you’re tuning in for the return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s weird and wonderful drama you may well be in need of a refresher.


Here’s our who’s who of the key characters and the actors who play them, including a look at how they’ve changed in the last quarter of a century. And read on for the full 200-strong list of cast old and new.

Sheryl Lee – Laura Palmer


The murder victim at the heart of the Twin Peaks mystery, the tragic high school sweetheart was involved in drugs, prostitution and much worse. Lee played Laura’s cousin Maddy Ferguson too, who also met a violent end at the hands of the demonic Bob.

Kyle MacLachlan – Agent Dale Cooper


A rigorous FBI investigator who was determined to find Laura’s killer, but with an irrepressible boyish enthusiasm for the homespun appeal of the town of Twin Peaks. Will he still have it when he returns to Twin Peaks 25 years later? Last time we saw Cooper, it looked as if he had been possessed by the evil spirit Bob…

Sherilyn Fenn – Audrey Horne


The whip-smart daughter of the richest man in town was a big fan of Agent Cooper’s and landed a job at local bordello One Eyed Jack’s in her attempts to get to the truth about Laura. She was last seen in hospital having somehow survived a bomb blast at the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan.

Dana Ashbrook – Bobby Briggs


Laura’s drug-dealing bad-boy former boyfriend – but at least his love for diner waitress Shelly seemed real. When we left them, Bobby was suggesting marriage might be on the cards.

Mädchen Amick – Shelly Johnson


The sweet-natured waitress at the Double R Diner, Shelly made a mistake when she married the abusive Leo Johnson but after he was shot she looked to have found true love with Bobby Briggs.