We FINALLY know what happened to Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s characters at the end of Love Actually

Richard Curtis's partner Emma Freud answered the question that's been plaguing film fans since 2003


When Alan Rickman’s character Harry did the dirty on Emma Thompson’s Karen by buying a necklace for his secretary Mia in Love Actually, we all fumed.


And when Karen discovered his dastardly deeds, before listening to the Joni Mitchell CD that revealed his adulterous ways, we all sobbed.

But when they appeared together heading “home” at Heathrow Airport at the end of the film, we all wondered whether or not they were still together.

And we kept wondering, for 12 long years, until someone FINALLY confirmed what had happened – that someone being broadcaster Emma Freud, aka Richard Curtis’s other half.

Freud and the family were at a midnight screening of Love Actually in the USA when she began tweeting out interesting facts about the film – which Curtis apparently hasn’t seen in a cinema since the premiere.

One fan of the movie decided there was no better time to ask THAT question, and Freud’s response finally tied up that old loose end.

So yes, Karen and Harry stayed together. But their home was NEVER EVER the same again. We still think she should have run off with Liam Neeson. They were clearly MADE for each other.

Oh, and EVERYONE on set sobbed during that scene too.

You’ll have to excuse us, someone’s been chopping onions.

*shoves Joni Mitchell CD down the side of the couch*

Oh, and in case you were wondering…