There might be a major Justice League Easter egg hidden in this deleted Batman v Superman scene

Lex Luthor got a LOT more than he bargained for...


We all know Batman v Superman is setting the scene for DC’s upcoming Justice League movie so is it possible that the clash of the DC titans actually revealed who the follow up’s big bad would be too?


Well, if the closing scenes are anything to go by, there’s footage to suggest the film did. And when you look at the deleted scene Warner Brothers posted online, there’s even more evidence that the movie was doing some major scene setting.

Just five seconds into ‘Communion’ (that’s the name the powers that be have given the new snippet), someone – or something – can be heard saying Lex Luthor’s name in a rather alien tongue.

And as the SWAT Team moves in to apprehend the villain, they come across a rather nerve shattering scene that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror epic.

But who could the mysterious disintegrating creature be? From DC super-villain Darkseid to his super-villain uncle Steppenwolf and – you guessed it – super-villain daddy Yuga Khan, the list of suspects is growing by the minute.


Guess we’ll just have to wait for Justice League to find out.