James Gunn has a bit of a reputation for superhero post-credits scenes, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 featuring a record-breaking five additional stings full of cameos, gags and hints at what’s next for that movie franchise – and now, with new movie The Suicide Squad he’s done it again with a duo of post-credits scenes.


The first scene crops up more or less right away, but fans wanting to see both have to wait until the final credit has rolled – and if you’re confused by what you saw, we break down the key points for you.

And of course, we’ll be dealing with major spoilers from hereon out. If you haven’t seen The Suicide Squad and which characters meet their gruesome ends yet, this is your final chance to look away…

Post-credits scene one

Weasel Warner Bros

The first post-credits scene crops up right after the title card, and delivers a surprise reprieve for one of the (many) Task Force X members who were murdered in the opening scenes of the film.

Specifically, Sean Gunn’s Weasel (who appeared to have drowned before the mission even started) is revealed to have survived after all, waking up on the dark beach where his teammates were killed and scampering off into the night (find out more about where The Suicide Squad was filmed with our location guide).

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It’s a quick gag, but it sets the scene for surprise Suicide Squad resurrections. Speaking of which…

Post-credits scene two

The Suicide Squad
John Cena as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad (Warner Bros)

During the events of the main film, John Cena’s Peacemaker is revealed as a bit of a viper in the pack, turning on his teammates to try and prevent the release of damaging US Government files before being shot in the neck by Idris Elba’s Bloodsport and dying from his wounds.

Or so we thought – because in the second post-credits scene he’s revealed to be clinging to life in a secure hospital, where a Doctor tells his Task Force X handlers that “it’ll take some surgery” but he’ll be back in action soon.

“What do you guys want him for?” she adds.

“Just the save the f***ing world – that’s all,” they reply.

This scene clearly sets up the already-confirmed Peacemaker spin-off TV series Cena has made with director James Gunn, which recently concluded filming ahead of its debut on the HBO Max streaming service (it’s currently unknown where it will air in the UK).

Exactly what the series will focus on (and how he’ll be saving the world) is a little unclear, but one thing’s for sure – fans haven’t seen the last of his distinctive toilet-bowl headgear.


The Suicide Squad is in UK cinemas now. Want more details? Check out our Sci-Fi page or our full TV Guide.