There is a new vampire movie on the horizon, with Line of Duty star Kelly Macdonald and Wolf Hall's Damian Lewis leading The Radleys.


Based on Matt Haig's novel of the same name, the movie follows Helen and Peter, who are hiding a deep and dark secret from their children... they are vampires!

Sky has released a first look at the exciting vampire thriller, which fans can certainly sink their teeth into as they put faces to the characters they know from the critically-acclaimed novel.

As Helen and Peter abstain from drinking blood, despite their cravings, they become "more and more bloodthirsty by the day", as per Sky's official synopsis.

Damian Lewis in The Radleys. He has long hair and has vampire fangs that can be seen in his mouth.
Damian Lewis in The Radleys. Sky UK/ NIck Wall

But things take a turn when their teenage daughter Clara is attacked by a boy in her class and "her natural instincts take over", forcing Helen and Peter to reveal the truth.

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Bo Bragason as Clara Radley. She is wearing a jacket covered in blood with her hands folded together with blood all over her face and hands.
Bo Bragason in The Radleys. Sky UK/ Kevin Baker

The synopsis continues: "The shocking revelation encourages lovesick son Rowan and previously vegan Clara to question their own identity and suppressed desires.

"It’s at this pivotal juncture that Peter's twin brother Will arrives on the scene.

"A proud, practicing vampire who openly embraces his hedonistic, bloodthirsty lifestyle, Will forces the family to face their repressed urges even further. Can the family continue to hold back their hidden bloodlust, or will they give in to their true nature?"

Kelly Macdonald in The Radleys. She is stood in a kitchen, with her arms resting on the side as she looks across at something.
Kelly Macdonald in The Radleys. Sky UK/ NIck Wall

Starring alongside Lewis and Macdonald are Shaun Parkes (The Suspect), Harry Baxendale (Shadow and Bones), Bo Bragason (Renegade Nell) and Sophia Di Martino (Loki).

The Radleys will be available to watch on Sky Cinema and NOW later this year – find out more about how to sign up for Sky TV.

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