Horror thriller The Invisible Man, writer/director Leigh Whannel’s new take on the HG Wells story and Universal Studios' subsequent movie adaptations, hasn’t even come out in the UK yet and has just hit cinemas in America – but producer Jason Blum is already eyeing up a sequel.


“I can think of many different sequels we could do to this,” Blum, whose previous work includes Get Out, Us and the Purge series, told RadioTimes.com.

“I hope so. If it connects with audiences I'd love to keep going on this vein of Invisible Man, so we'll see.”

Based on early reviews, reaction to the film (which stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman harassed by her invisible, abusive ex-boyfriend) looks to be pretty positive, so it could be that Blum will get his wish – and without giving anything away, the ending of the film does somewhat lend itself to the possibility of a follow-up.

Muddying the waters somewhat, though, is the fact that Universal (who worked with Blum’s Blumhouse productions for this movie) already have an Invisible Woman movie in the works from Pitch Perfect’s Elizabeth Banks, which is set to have a different continuity from the newly-released Elisabeth Moss version.

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Still, Blum didn’t seem too worried about the competition.

“It's not connected to this at all,” he told us.

“And to be clear it's not 'coming out' - it's in development. So it may never come out. Whether it gets made or not, nobody knows.”

For now, anyway, this version is the only Invisible Person movie in town, and Blum seems pretty happy with how it turned out.

“The movie that you saw is very close to the pitch that Leigh came back with. So I was very pleased about that,” he said.

“The best ideas you always say, ‘I can't believe it's never been done before.’ But Leigh’s super creative, I think one of the most talented filmmakers, both on the writing and directing side, that we’ve ever worked with.”


The Invisible Man is in UK cinemas from Friday 28th February