Since it premiered at SXSW Festival in April, new romcom The Idea Of You has been receiving some very decent reviews – and with the film arriving on Amazon Prime Video, film fans around the world will have the chance to see if it's worth the hype.


The film is based on a best-selling novel of the same name by Robinne Lee, and boasts a cast led by two actors who have been fairly busy of late: Anne Hathaway – who has recently been seen in both Eileen and Mothers' Instinct – and rising star Nicholas Galitzine, who is hot off major roles in Red, White & Royal Blue, Bottoms, and Mary & George.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of the film's release, director Michael Showalter was full of praise for his leads, saying of Hathaway: "I'm in awe of her. She absolutely just poured herself into the role. And it was a beautiful experience working with her and to watch her craft this incredible performance.

"I've seen the movie a thousand times and I never get bored of watching her performance – I think she's so talented, and just is so luminescent in this film."

But what about the rest of the cast? Read on for everything you need to know.

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The Idea of You cast

The cast for The Idea of You is listed below – led by Anne Hathaway as single mother Solène Marchand and Nicholas Galitzine as boy band member Hayes Campbell.

Scroll on to find out more about their roles in the film and where you may have seen the actors before.

  • Anne Hathaway as Solène Marchand
  • Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell
  • Ella Rubin as Izzy
  • Reid Scott as Daniel
  • Annie Mumolo as Tracy
  • Perry Mattfeld as Eva
  • Jordan Aaron Hall as Zeke
  • Jaiden Anthony as Adrian
  • Raymond Cham Jr as Oliver
  • Viktor White as Simon
  • Dakota Adan as Rory

Anne Hathaway plays Solène Marchand

Anne Hathaway as Solène Marchand in The Idea of You waving in a white vest top
Anne Hathaway as Solène Marchand in The Idea of You. Prime Video

Who is Solène Marchand? A 40-year-old single mum who has recently separated from her husband Dan.

What else has Anne Hathaway been in? Hathaway has been a mainstay on the big screen since her 2001 debut in The Princess Diaries. Since then, she has appeared in Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada and Interstellar among many other movies, and played Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

She was Oscar-nominated in 2008 for Rachel Getting Married, and won for her role as Fantine in Les Misérables in 2012. More recent film credits include Ocean's 8, Dark Waters, Armageddon Time, Eileen, Mothers' Instinct and the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed.

Nicholas Galitzine plays Hayes Campbell

Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell in The Idea of You standing on stage
Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell in The Idea of You. Prime Video

Who is Hayes Campbell? The 24-year-old lead singer of August Moon – the hottest boy band on the planet.

What else has Nicholas Galitzine been in? Galitzine first found success with leading roles in films like High Strung and Handsome Devil, going on to star in movies like Purple Hearts, Red, White & Royal Blue and 2023 comedy Bottoms. He also recently starred opposite Julianne Moore in the Sky Atlantic historical series Mary & George.

Ella Rubin plays Izzy

Ella Rubin as Izzy and Anne Hathaway as Solene in The Idea of You standing together smiling
Ella Rubin as Izzy and Anne Hathaway as Solene in The Idea of You. Prime Video

Who is Izzy? Solène's teenage daughter, who shares a close bond with her mum.

What else has Ella Rubin been in? This is Rubin's first major film role, but she has previously been seen in TV series such as The Chair, The Girl from Plainville and the reboot of Gossip Girl.

Annie Mumolo plays Tracy

Annie Mumolo as Tracy in The Idea of You looking shocked
Annie Mumolo as Tracy in The Idea of You. Prime Video/YouTube

Who is Tracy? Solène's supportive best friend, who has always been there for her through the post-divorce part of her life, and is never judgemental of her decisions.

What else has Annie Mumolo been in? Mumolo is best known for her collaborations with Kristen Wiig, namely Bridesmaids and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. Other film credits include This Is 40, The Boss (2016), Bad Moms, Queenpins, Confess, Fletch and Barbie, while she has a recurring role in the comedy-mystery series Mapleworth Murders.

Reid Scott plays Dan

Who is Dan? Solène's self-obsessed ex-husband, who does not approve of her relationship with Hayes.

What else has Reid Scott been in? Scott is best known for his TV role as Dan Egan in Veep, while other prominent small screen roles include My Boys, Why Women Kill and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. On the big screen, he's played Dr Dan Lewis in the Venom films and starred in a variety of other films, including Home Again, Late Night and Wildflower.

Perry Mattfeld plays Eva

Who is Eva? Dan's much younger current girlfriend, who he left Solène for.

What else has Perry Mattfeld been in? Mattfeld played Mel in Shameless and had the leading role of Murphy Mason in the CW crime drama In the Dark, while this is her most major film credit to date.

The Idea of You comes to Prime Video on Thursday 2nd May.


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