It’s fair to say that Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a pretty massive movie event, uniting almost every superhero from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in a battle against arch-villain Thanos and his henchmen and culminating a decade of films since the first Iron Man.


And with all that weight of expectation it’s no wonder that the cast need to let off a little steam in between takes, with star Anthony Mackie (who plays winged hero The Falcon in the film) revealing that the team came up with a surprising way of having fun behind-the-scenes.

“We had this idea of making a music video, of this song,” Mackie told the crowd at MCM London comic-con earlier today. “And we shot half of it, and then people realised how bad they were at dancing, and we couldn’t get anyone else to dance.”

From the sounds of it, this half-finished video may never see the light of day – which is a shame, considering Mackie says at least one part of it must be seen to be believed.

“Mark Ruffalo dancing is a spectacle that everyone should behold once in their life,” he laughed. “Once!

“You never wanna see it twice. So that was probably [the funniest moment] – Mark Ruffalo, with polka dots and a skintight suit on, dancing. Awful.”

Anthony Mackie with Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo (Getty, HF)
Anthony Mackie with Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo (Getty, HF)

And while Mackie wouldn’t be drawn on any more Infinity War details – “it’s a war of infinite proportions,” he deadpanned – he was happy to spill on more behind-the-scenes antics, which mainly consisted of him “bullying” and pranking his co-stars Tom Holland and Paul Rudd, aka Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

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“You know what, I will say this – Tom Holland is England’s hidden jewel,” Mackie began. “He’s a phenomenal actor, he’s an amazing Spider-Man. There’s a reason why this last Spider-Man was the most successful one, and that’s 100% Tom Holland. He brings an energy and a vigour to that role that you’ve never seen brought to Spider-Man, he held his own with RDJ in an amazing way.

“But he’s an ASSHOLE. I mean, this dude is awful. So that’s all I gotta say about Tom Holland.”

After explaining his motives, he went on: “The pranks are hard to come by – and we have a sacred vow that if we do, we don’t talk about them.

“I almost pushed Tom Holland in a lake – but then he got so angry he almost jumped in the lake trying to push me in the lake. Which made it SO much better.

Anthony Mackie as The Falcon

“And then, you know, they’re shooting Ant-Man down the street, so I just go and bully Paul Rudd for an hour and then come back to set. Everyone just feels better about themselves.

“It’s great – I just like walk onto the Ant-Man set and like, steal stuff out of their craft table. ‘I dare you to tell me something, Paul’ – he never does."

Mackie added: “I would prank Paul Rudd every day of the week! It’s so easy man, he’s an easy target. Tom is always watching his six. He’s always nervous. He knows something going down.

“But Paul is just happy, he’s like lalalalala. So he’s easy to get.”

Sounds like the blooper reel from Avengers: Infinity War is going to be quite the watch…


Avengers: Infinity War will be released in May 2018