The 2017 Oscar nominees get a very honest takedown

Is Moonlight really just “all the Oscar things”, and Fences a play where they left the camera running?


Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of Oscar-nominated films that societal pressure makes you feel you should see? Unsure exactly what happens in them, or which have a chance at winning? A bit confused as to what Lion is about at all?


Well if so, this could be the video for you. Assembled by the team at Screenjunkies, this “Honest Trailer” for The Oscars lays out the buzz, chances and flaws in all the main Academy Award-nominated films. Save yourself a few quid and watch this, and you might just about be able to pick the winners for this Sunday’s ceremony.

Will it be “All the Oscar things” Moonlight? The brief window of Mel Gibson acceptability Hacksaw Ridge? Simple cowboy underdog Hell or High Water? Affleck-brother-analogy Manchester by the Sea? Or Fences, where as the trailer (cruelly but accurately) suggests “actors bravely explore just how much ACTING you can fit into one movie”?

Well, no. In all likelihood, most of the awards will almost certainly be won by La La Land and all this speculation will have been for naught.

What? Just being honest.


The 89th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 26th February