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Ten life lessons from Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy

As a Boston-based college names its School of Communication after the news anchor, we consider the lessons we can learn from the moustached one

Published: Wednesday, 20th November 2013 at 4:15 pm

For one day only Emerson College’s School of Communication in Boston will take the name of Ron Burgundy, in honour of his journalistic wizardry (San Diego college clearly decided to stay classy...)


A publicity stunt this may be for Will Ferrell and the gang, but there’s no denying there are lessons we can all learn from Mr Ron Burgundy…

Rule 1: Always have salon quality hair. No excuses.

Rule 2: Don’t get stuck in a glass case of emotion. It’s a scary place.

Rule 3: Share your wisdom with your friends. Like, warn them to lay low for a while if they’re wanted for murdering someone with a trident, that kind of thing.

Rule 4: Cannonball at every opportunity.

Rule 5: Make sure people know you. You’re kind of a big deal.

Rule 6: Ensure your house has lots of important-looking leather-bound books in it and smells of rich mahogany.

Rule 7: You should have a secret musical talent. Like the jazz flute.

Rule 8: Stay classy. Yes, you need a memorable catchphrase.

Rule 9: A moustache isn't just for Movember.

Rule 10. When in the vicinity of a lady, always start counting your exercise reps from 1001. It’s the rule. 

Anchorman: The Legend Continues is in cinemas from 20 December



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