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Star Wars: Rogue One’s new droid Alan Tudyk was called a “sh*t” by C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels

The original series star was jealous of his young rival’s costume

Published: Friday, 16th December 2016 at 8:49 pm

When joining a massive franchise like Star Wars, you might expect incoming actors to seek some wise words of counsel from experienced hands from the series. Get a bit of advice on how to handle the pressure maybe, share war stories, or just offer a bit of reassurance about the challenges to come.


However, when Alan Tudyk (who plays new robot K2-SO in the new film) met longstanding series star Anthony Daniels, the C-3PO actor had a slightly less helpful response…

“I did meet him, and he called me a shit,” Tudyk told in a video interview (above). “Because I was wearing the motion capture suit which was very free. I had stilts to make me 7ft 1, the same height as K2, but he has to wear a costume, and it’s very restrictive.”

Famously, while filming the original films Daniels’ outfit was so awkward to move in that he couldn’t sit down during filming, and during breaks had to just lean against a board. More recent films made the costume somewhat less onerous, but it’s no surprise to find the actor was still envious of Tudyk’s relative casualwear.

“That’s about it – we just sort of met, he called me a shit, and uh…exchanged pleasantries, and that was it,” Tudyk said.


Alan Tudyk's K-2SO (left) and Anthony Daniels' C-3PO (right)

In any case, it sounds like Tudyk managed to create the wisecracking K2-SO without any outside help, with the Frozen and Firefly star improvising many of his best lines on set.

“It was fantastic – he’s a fun character,” Tudyk said.

Diego [Luna]’s character Cassian, who …K2 and he had a life before this movie started, they worked together for the Rebellion. But when they meet Jyn, [Cassian] says ‘I’m sorry about him – he just says whatever he wants.’”

“So, when you have that freedom, when somebody says that about your character, then you know that you can kind of say whatever you want.

“So that’s the way I played it on set. There’s some lines in the movie that we just…we were just playing around on set and then they put them in the movie, which is really cool.”


Rogue One: A Star Wars story is in cinemas now


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