Following months of rumours and varied reports, Tom Holland has confirmed that development is under way on a fourth MCU Spider-Man film.


Speaking to Deadline at the Sands International Film Festival, where his new short film Blackbird was being screened, Holland was asked whether he will be returning for a fourth instalment in his Spider-Man series.

Holland said: "The simple answer is that I’ll always want to do Spider-Man films. I owe my life and career to Spider-Man. So the simple answer is yes. I’ll always want to do more."

However, he said that the more "complicated answer" revolved around how the story takes shape, adding: "We have the best in the business working toward whatever the story might be.

"But until we’ve cracked it, we have a legacy to protect. The third movie was so special in so many ways that we need to make sure we do the right thing."

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Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home crouching in his super suit
Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. SEAC

Holland continued: "This is the first time in this process that I’ve been part of the creative [side] so early. It’s just a process where I’m watching and learning. It’s just a really fun stage for me.

"Like I said, everyone wants it to happen. But we want to make sure we’re not overdoing the same things."

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Holland revealed back in December that he had been "actively engaging in conversations" regarding the future of Spider-Man on screen, but that he wouldn't "make another one for the sake of making another one", and had his doubts.

He said at the time: "Whether or not we can find a way to do justice to the character is another thing. I feel very protective over Spider-Man.

"I feel very, very lucky that we were able to work on a franchise that got better with each movie, that got more successful with each movie, which I think is really rare, and I want to protect his legacy."

The next MCU film to be released will be Deadpool & Wolverine, which will also be the only big screen project for the franchise this year.


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