Original Star Wars script reveals Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t supposed to die

Alec Guinness’s Jedi was meant to survive his light-sabre battle with Darth Vader, according to an early version of the story tweeted by Peter Mayhew


It may have become one of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes, but Peter Mayhew has revealed Obi Wan Kenobi wasn’t always destined to die in A New Hope.


The Chewbacca actor tweeted out images of pages from the original Star Wars script which had Obi-Wan survive his clash with Darth Vader and even escape the Death Star with the others.

The images show that is was originally planned that Obi-Wan would escape the fight but be wounded by a storm trooper, allowing Luke to help rescue him.

In A New Hope Obi-Wan famously dies with the words: “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”.

The death of his mentor provides a pivotal moment in Luke’s journey, driving him to become a Jedi Knight.

It’s unclear how this would have been achieved if the original script had been used or what Obi-Wan’s character would have done next.

This isn’t the first revelation from Mayhew, who has spent the last few months tweeting out images of the original Star Wars script.


Other details shared by Chewie include deleted scenes and confirmation that Han Solo shot bounty hunter Greedo first.