Matt Smith: I would like a part in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek… and Star Wars

Outgoing Time Lord puts the message out to Abrams that he fancies a role in both of his films

Matt Smith has got his eye on JJ Abrams’ projects, Star Trek and Star Wars.


The actor, who describes himself as now just like any other actor looking for work, told IGN at this year’s Comic Con that he would be keen on a role in Star Trek: “Yeah, I would JJ,” before whispering behind his hand, “or Star Wars. So just putting it out there.”

With the end of his stint as the Time Lord racing towards the end with the Christmas special, Smith said he’s looking for work again: “I go back to auditioning and trying to get a job. Someone employ me.”

But while Smith fancies a role in JJ’s Star Trek, he admits Benedict Cumberbatch is doing a great job: “Ben’s kind of done the English villain now hasn’t he? And he was great in it.”

But he added: “I love Star Trek and I love JJ Abrams. What that man can do with a steady cam is amazing.”

Smith also revealed he knows a bit about this year’s Christmas special.

“It’s not over for me yet, I’ve still got the Christmas special. Apparently it’s like 20 pages in, Steven [Moffat] was telling me about it last night – it sounds exciting,” Smith reveals.

Could he say anymore? No. “If I told you I’d have to kill you,” Smith joked.


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