Leonardo DiCaprio on Kate Winslet’s Oscars backing: “That’s my homegirl”

As Winslet leads the charge for DiCaprio to win his first Oscar for The Revenant, the actor tips his hat to his pal and former co-star


We all get a little bit gooey when we see former Titanic stars Kate and Leo together, so it’s no surprise there was a collective ‘aww’ backstage at the Baftas when Leonardo DiCaprio described Kate Winslet as his “homegirl”.


Fresh from winning Best Actor for The Revenant, DiCaprio addressed the huge support he’s getting from fans wanting him to win his first Oscar this year – led, it was put to him, by his “main groupie” Winslet.

“My main groupie?” He laughed. “It feels amazing, honestly. I have a true love for cinema – I have ever since I was a teenager. I grew up in this industry, ironically I felt very detached from it, even though I lived in East LA, in Hollywood. I always felt like it was this distant thing that I couldn’t touch, so to have worked in this industry ever since I was 13 years old, having done a lot of movies, to be here now and have it be for a film like this that we worked so very hard on really feels amazing and, you know, I feel it, it feels fantastic.

“And Kate? That’s my homegirl…” he added with a teasing grin.


With a Golden Globe and now Bafta under his belt, the signs are looking good for Leo. Bookies have him as dead cert to win, too. And if he doesn’t, it might be a good idea for members of the Academy to steer clear of Winslet for the night…