Fantastic Beasts fans were left feeling a little disappointed last night after a less-than-magical VidCon event.

Thousands of fans tuned in online for a live stream of a panel on the upcoming Harry Potter movie, but they were quick to express their confusion after the event failed to live up to their expectations.

The movie’s social media accounts had been drumming up excitement with the words "Join your favourite creators from around the world for a special night", and while it was clear on closer reading that the event would be "hosted by 17 chosen popular vloggers from around the world" instead of the movie's 'creators', plenty of Potter fans were still underwhelmed by the event.

"I have to say im pretty let down by this, i dont have a problem with any of those youtubers but i think if you plan on having people talk about the movie then at least use people who made the movie like actors, director or composer (sic)," commented one fan on YouTube.

"Absolute waste of time for those who stuck it out live….A bunch of nonentities who clearly know little about they Harry Potter world," added another.

"I don't care what these people think. I want to know about the movie!"

YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen, Tyler Oakley, Jack Maynard and Charlie McDonnell were in attendance, talking about how they'd been invited on the set of the new movie, but fans were disappointed by the lack of new information about the upcoming fantasy flick.

Watch the VidCon panel for yourself:

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