John Boyega has revealed more about the upcoming sequel to Joe Cornish's 2011 south London sci-fi Attack the Block.


Chatting exclusively to about his current role in true-story thriller Breaking, Boyega also spoke about the beginning of his acting career and one of the roles that helped affirm his as a film star to watch.

The Attack the Block sequel was confirmed back in 2021, and Boyega updated on what's in the pipeline for it so far.

"[We’re] still developing the story and script, all that kind of stuff," he said. "The idea of coming back to London, shooting this movie, and revisiting this character – it just fills me with joy.

Attack the Block, John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker
John Boyega as Moses in Attack the Block.

"After years and years of experience, I know myself and Joe [Cornish] have been through so much change and growth since the first movie. So tackling the story now is just so interesting and exciting."

Boyega continued: "It just feels like a treat, a nice treat for myself. Like honestly, sometimes I like to see actors where they've revisited a story because it's something that they hold dear in their heart.

"And it's good to know that we have an audience out there that is waiting for this as well, and a new audience that is going to be exposed to all the madness. And I just can't wait to be a Brit in something again!"

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His current role in Breaking sees the British actor star as Lance Corporal Brian Brown-Easley, a Marine Corps veteran who breaks into a bank to retrieve benefits he is owed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Running out of options, Brown-Easley holds several people hostage inside the bank, which leads to a tense confrontation with the police.

Although there's still a way to go before Attack the Block 2 reaches production, Boyega is clearly excited to have a hands-on role in its development and teases that there will be a "few more announcements" about other upcoming roles in the near future.

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Additional reporting by Patrick Cremona.

John Boyega's Big RT Interview will be available to read on on Sunday 26th March.

Breaking is available on digitial download from Monday 27th March 2023. Check out more of our Film coverage, or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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