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JK Rowling reveals the places that inspired Harry Potter - and what didn't

The author debunked some popular urban myths about the origin of her fantasy series

Published: Monday, 25th May 2020 at 12:18 pm

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has cleared up some misconceptions about the locations that inspired her iconic fantasy series.


For years, certain places across the UK and other countries have been associated with the Wizarding World, claiming that Rowling visited or was influenced by them while writing her novels.

However, Rowling has now discussed in a lengthy Twitter thread that many of these just aren't true, as well as revealing some of the locations that really were pivotal.

The author cites her old flat in Clapham Junction as the real "birthplace" of Harry Potter and his fantastical adventures, as it was where she first started writing the series.

According to one fan, students at the University of Exeter have claimed that certain parts of Potter's world come from local landmarks, but Rowling swiftly put an end to such speculation.

Perhaps most shocking of all, Rowling has never even visited quaint York high street The Shambles, which is frequently associated with her own Diagon Alley.

A recurring theme of the thread is that the inspiration for Harry Potter came less from the grand old buildings you might expect and more from less obvious sources...

It isn't surprising that a lot of places want to be associated with Harry Potter, but anyone looking to tour the places that really inspired the Wizarding World should be careful sifting facts from fiction...


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