Is a Hellboy reboot in the works with Stranger Things star David Harbour?

The actor seems to have hinted that he could be taking over Ron Perlman’s role in the comic-book adaptation


It looks like there could be a reboot of Hellboy in the works, with the 90s comic-book character (a demon raised by humans to fight supernatural villains) returning to the screen after previous cinematic outings in 2004 and 2008.


However, unlike those previous films this new adaptation apparently won’t have director Guillermo del Toro or star Ron Perlman involved, with Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall attached to work on a script by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Hellboy comic-book creator Mike Mignola, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And the star attached is reportedly none other than Stranger Things’ David Harbour, who was recently mooted for another comic-book role as Cable in Deadpool 2 (the part eventually went to Josh Brolin) and seems to have confirmed the Hellboy rumours on his Twitter account.

Clearly, he has a perfectly devilish sense of humour – he’ll fit right in.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola also seemed to confirm the reports with a Facebook post offering a few details…


And if these rumours are true, the project will see Millennium producing the new movie, making them the third studio to release a Hellboy film since 2004 – despite existing in the same continuity, del Toro’s films were made by different studios, specifically Revolution/Sony and Universal.