Harry Potter’s Hogwarts letter, Batman’s motorcycle and Steven Spielberg’s Jaws clapperboard up for grabs at movie memorabilia auction

Over 500 original items will be auctioned next month in the UK


Movie fans (with wads of spare cash) will be able to get their hands on some seriously cool memorabilia next month, when an epic auction takes place in the UK. Over 500 lots of rare film and TV swag, worth more than £1.5 million, are set to be sold at London’s BFI IMAX.


Items vary from used scripts, crew caps and movie posters to costumes and props. The most expensive item set to go on sale is likely be Batman’s Batsuit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises, which is expected to achieve up to £60,000.

Other coveted lots include Harry Potter’s original Hogwarts acceptance letter from The Philosopher’s Stone (you know, in case for some reason you don’t ever get one of your own), Steven Spielberg’s clapperboard from Jaws and a pilot helmet from Star Wars: New Hope.

Mulder and Scully’s FBI photo ID and badges are also going under the hammer, alongside the Batpod motorcycle, the sloth mask from the Goonies, Keira Knightley’s Love Actually wedding dress and Richard Attenborough’s annotated Jurassic Park script.


Film fans have a while to get their finances in order – The Prop Store auction is set to take place on 27th September – and you can also take a look at the memorabilia before you fork out any cash. All the original items are going on display to the public in the two weeks ahead of the auction at a free preview exhibition at the BFI IMAX in London’s Waterloo.