Freeview film of the day Friday 22 September: Kill Your Friends

Britpop adaptation of John Niven's novel starring Nicholas Hoult as the deadly 90s A&R man


Kill Your Friends  ★★★ 
Premiere 11.15pm-1.20am Film4


A sort of American Psycho for the late Britpop era, this noir-ish adaptation of former record company man John Niven’s bestselling novel was neutered by its own timorous marketing, with posters that gave no indication of its scabrous, homicidal content. Directed with gusto by Owen Harris, it asks how far a blasé, self-serving 1990s A&R man (the too-pretty Nicholas Hoult) would go in order to have a hit. There’s a memorable orgy of drug- taking featuring James Corden (off the leash before his promotion to Transatlantic chat shows), but on the whole life in the biz proves as office-bound as it actually is – and perhaps that’s the point. The book is far nastier.


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