Survival thriller Fall is now streaming on Netflix after landing in cinemas last year – and has shot to the top of the platform's streaming chart.


Starring Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner, the film revolves around two best friends who decide to climb a 2,000 ft abandoned radio tower in the middle of a desert.

However, a series of unfortunate events leaves the pair trapped at the top of the tower with no gear or supplies.

As their attempts to get out of their predicament continue to fail, the chances of making it out alive begin to rapidly fall.

Naturally, fans are wondering whether the chilling premise of the film is inspired by a true story. Read on for everything you need to know.

Is Fall a true story?

Grace Caroline Currey as Becky Connor
Grace Caroline Currey as Becky Connor in Fall. SEAC

No – the film is a fictional piece of work, co-written by director Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank.

Speaking to ahead of the film's theatrical release last September, Mann explained that he and Frank actually had the idea for the film while they were working together on an earlier project.

"The inception of the height idea came about when we were shooting Final Score at a stadium in the UK," he explained. "We were filming at height, and off camera, we got into this interesting conversation about height and the fear of falling and how that's inside of all of us, really, and how that can be a great device for a movie."

Although the story is not based on true events, the tower at the heart of it – the KXTV Tower in Walnut Grove, California – is very much a real place, and Mann explained that it took the production a long time before they settled on the ideal location.

"I think the key to it was finding these actual towers that exist in America, that exist in the desert there," he said. "It was just like that is the perfect location, the perfect kind of character to be at the centre of this nutty thing."

He added: "We scoured all around California, and it was during COVID, so we'd just drive and drive and drive to these random remote locations, to try and get access. A lot of them had kind of radio masts and things at the top of these mountains and you're just finding the right kind of top of a mountain with the right cliff and the right sunlight positioning."

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