Survival thriller Fall has now landed on Netflix following its theatrical release in 2022 – and viewers have been left shocked by its devastating ending.


The film stars Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam!) and Virginia Gardner as two friends who decide to climb a 2,000 ft radio tower in the middle of a desert.

However, things soon take a disastrous turn, leaving the pair stuck at the top of the tower with no gear or supplies.

Twists and turns abound as the duo try to climb down safely, but do they make it out of their predicament alive?

Read on to have the Fall ending explained.

Fall ending explained

The longer Becky and Hunter spend at the top of the radio tower, the more desperate their situation begins to look, especially after their attempt to gain the attention of two passers-by with a flare gun only leads to their car being stolen.

Sometime later, Becky suddenly notices a tattoo on Hunter's ankle which reads 1-4-3 – the same sequence she had used to tell her late husband Dan that she loved him. After being questioned, Hunter admits that she had had an affair with Dan which lasted for four months, and Becky is understandably distraught.

In a bid to make amends, Hunter agrees to climb down the tower so she can fetch the backpack they had previously dropped – which contains both their water supply and a drone. Hunter is successful in this attempt, and after charging the drone using the tower's red lamp they try to send a message to a diner a few miles away. Unfortunately, the drone is intercepted by a truck before it can get very far – and they are back to square one.

Fall. SEAC

Some time later comes the big twist. Becky – who has been growing increasingly delirious due to being deprived of food – realises that Hunter had not actually successfully made it back up to the top of the tower after retrieving the bag, and had instead fallen to her death, with her corpse now sitting on a communications dish slightly below.

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The situation only gets more desperate, and Becky is even forced to kill and eat a vulture that has begun to gnaw at her injured leg. But she realises she has one last chance of getting help: if she sends a text to her father, puts her phone in Hunter's pocket, and throws her corpse from the tower, she will have enough signal for the text to send.

She goes ahead with this plan and it is successful: her dad alerts the emergency services and drives to the tower himself, where he is reunited with her daughter after she is rescued. We can't imagine Becky will be in a rush to go on any further climbing trips in the future though...

Fall is available to stream on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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