Wondering about the wizarding world Eddie Redmayne finds himself in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Don't understand what all this Harry Potter 'no-Maj' fuss is all about? Wonder no more, because JK Rowling is set to explain everything you need to know about magic in North America in a new series of stories.


Four new pieces of writing from the Harry Potter author have been announced, with the first available to read on Harry Potter website Pottermore.com from tomorrow afternoon. Find out all about the new series below.

What are the new Harry Potter stories called?

The new series by JK Rowling is titled Magic in North America. The first in this series is an essay titled ‘History of Magic in North America’, and will be published in four parts on Pottermore website.

What will they be about?

The website explains that these new tales will, like the series of Harry Potter wizarding maps revealed earlier this year, reveal more about the lives of wizards beyond Hogwarts.

"Magic in North America will bring to light the history of this previously unexplored corner of the wizarding world in the run up to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," the site explains, meaning that by the time Redmayne joins the Potter universe in November we should be well up to speed.

"The wizarding world you thought you knew is much larger than you imagined," a video explaining the new series teases, adding that one part of the new stories will explain the history of US wizarding school Ilvermorny.

The pieces will also explain the Native American legend of 'Skin-walkers', the history of the Salem witch trials, and the American equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, the 'Magical Congress of the United States of America'.

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— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) March 7, 2016

When can I read the new Harry Potter stories?

The first part will be available on Pottermore.com from 2pm GMT on Tuesday 8th March, with the other three parts set to be released daily until Friday.

Are people looking forward to reading the new series?


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