It's been three years since we last saw the Crawley family on screen in Downton Abbey's film adaptation, but now we're returning in big-screen sequel A New Era.


However, despite the film not even being out yet, fans are already keen to know whether this is truly the end of the historical drama, or whether the cast could return for a third cinematic outing.

In an interview with this week's Radio Times magazine, Downton creator Julian Fellowes revealed that a third film is still possible, but it's currently all up in the air.

Fellowes said: “You never know if more is going to be wanted. After every series, after the first film, and now after the second, each time I have said a heart-wrenching goodbye to these people... and then here we are back again."

Julian Fellowes
Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes Getty

Fellowes continued: “I invented them all, I’m their father, and I do feel a kind of obligation towards them, and I’m fond of them.

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"It sounds rather romantic to say that, but also you do want to give a really good evening to the people who’ve been faithful to us for so many years.

"People talk about stage plays and further movies, but I think it will be made clear to me if there’s a strong demand, and if that’s what people want, then I won’t fight it."

Meanwhile Mary Crawley actress Michelle Dockery confirmed that while she loves "coming back to this role and being with [her] Downton family", any potential sequel comes down to the involvement of Fellowes and the show's creators "and if they feel that it has a life after this sequel".

Dockery said: “I’ve loved playing Mary and it does feel like I’ve grown up with her. There is such a comfort in that feeling of family.”

The first Downton Abbey film was a smash-hit at the box office, grossing just shy of $200 million worldwide, so if that trend continues with A New Era it seems like we could indeed be returning to the famous Yorkshire country estate again in the not-so-distant future.

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Downton Abbey: A New Era will be released in cinemas on Friday 29th April 2022. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.